Persona 4 Golden Is Coming to PC

It seems that Persona 4 Golden is the latest JRPG to make its way to PC, according to a Denuvo listing that confirms its existence.

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TheGamez100109d ago

Amazing game and I liked it alot better than p5. Enjoy this one pc fans. Hopefully will come to the other consoles too and perhaps p3.

Skate-AK109d ago

Nice. One of the only reasons to have a Vita.

AzubuFrost109d ago

One reason less to buy a Vita if this rumor is true.

JEECE109d ago

Lol pretty sure anyone who was going to buy a Vita for this one game did so many years ago.

TheRealTedCruz109d ago

I think the 17 people looking for used Vita's every year will be fine lol.

AzubuFrost109d ago


And there are people like myself who have waited patiently for this game to release outside of the Vita platform regardless how much time have passed. But once again, these are rumors which may or may not be true.

drpepperdude109d ago

If your into using custom firmware the game did just get a HD patch.

Mr Marvel109d ago

This and Dragon’s Crown... although that’s on PS4 too now.

Tross109d ago

It was on PS3 at the time too.

FinalFantasyFanatic109d ago

I already have vanilla P4 on PS2, but this is a good chance to get P4G and play it.

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King_Noctis109d ago

Wow awesome. Can’t wait to replay this gem. Let’s hope that this is not just a straight up port and there are new contents in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.