IGN Review: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Updated Impressions

A little over one week after launch, seeing level 80 players running around isn't such a rarity in World of Warcraft. Since Wrath of the Lich King's release, many have been sprinting like gazelles fleeing lions toward the new level limit, presumably so they could be first to delve into the high-level dungeon content and grab hold of the more powerful items Blizzard included. Yet doing so presumably precludes fast levelers from experiencing what seems to be one of the stronger aspects of the expansion: the narrative cohesion of the game world. Instead of just smashing together a bunch of pretty looking and diverse zones and calling it a new continent, Blizzard has clearly made the effort to build in the Lich King and his accompanying fiction into many of the world's quest lines, generating anticipation for the eventual battle against him. Of course the biggest draw of pretty much any MMO is the social aspect of it, whether it's shuffling resources between guild members to craft powerful items or organizing tactics to combat the most difficult dungeon challenges, but that doesn't mean the leveling process has to be a chore.

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Final_Rpg3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Woah, a review on IGN with no score. How odd... *rolls eyes*

Raptura3836d ago

Similar to what they did with Socom Confrontation. They reviewed it with 'impressions' at first and then a week later they give a score of 4.5 and bash it really bad.

T12AN3836d ago

cause its not a review, just impressions. IGN hasn't given it a definitive score yet because they haven't experienced enough of the content.

lelo3836d ago

It does not matter the reviews for this game... good or bad reviews, people will buy the game.

-GametimeUK-3836d ago

An amazing quality title in every field... The amount of stuff crammed into this game is astonishing... Im 100% happy with this game its amazing and the best game I have played all year

ELite_Ghost3836d ago

its not even a full game lol, it's an expansion.

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Ryangp3836d ago

I have just started World of Warcraft again, i wont be as obsessed as last time. I'm only starting because of Wotlk.

Raf1k13836d ago

good luck. hope it works for ya

im thinkin o getin back in it too but i think ill be sucked back in :(

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