Destiny 2 "Beyond Light" Expansion Officially Revealed; Coming September 22

During a reveal livestream,  Bungie revealed the new expansion "Beyond Light." alongside the first two trailers and a release date.

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anast310d ago

Have they changed the way the warlock jumps? If so, I might reenter.

rpvenom310d ago

so another expansion which will cost $60 to make us playthrough destiny 1's map again?

luckytrouble310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Expansions don't cost $60, but feel free to try again. As a Destiny 2 player, I do acknowledge that Shadowkeep was... disappointing, but I also got my $30 or $35 of fun, so at the end of the day they still have me for Beyond Light.

Edit: Also consider the fact that Bungie was pushed by Activision into making a Destiny 2 when their roadmap was far more spaced and would have likely evolved into a single product like any other MMO. Many people like me didn't get into Destiny until it went free to play, so we're mega out of the loop on anything from the first game. Just porting the first game would not be easy and would likely involve legal gymnastics with Activision, so rehashing Destiny 1 locations with a fresh coat of paint is a viable strategy that still surprises new players, appeals to many older players that miss the first game, and keeps some pressure off the particularly freshly independent Bungie to keep figuring things out.