IGN: Tomb Raider Underworld Review (Wii)

Lara Croft's resurrection in Tomb Raider: Legend happened before the launch of the Nintendo Wii, and since then only Tomb Raider Anniversary has been released, so gamers haven't got to experience an original, non-remake Tomb Raider game on Nintendo's latest console. Now there's Tomb Raider: Underworld and Wii owners can finally waggle their way through a completely new adventure. It's a Tomb Raider game, for sure, it's just a lackluster one.

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TheColbertinator3833d ago

Very low score.Looks like this series is in the toilet again.*Flush*

Maywell3833d ago

didnt they said not to show review under score 8?

morganfell3833d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

But but but the Wii is next gen controls! Cheap has to count for something, right?

And wasn't Tomb Raider supposed to clobber Uncharted....or some other such nonsense?

I actually like the series and I especially like Crystal Dynamics (Soul Reaver still gets played at my house) but it was time to overhaul the series from what CD had done since saving it with the last two games.

It should be said that IGN UK, notoriously more exacting gave the game an 85. That isn't bad.

Cenobia3832d ago

If they make another Legacy of Kain game they better not fvck it up. I love that series, and would hate to see it turn to trash. And they better not have any DLC either (except maybe a costume or something). LoK's story has always been pretty great, and I'd hate to see parts of it omitted for some DLC later on.

morganfell3832d ago

With all this raving recently about Vampire stories (Underworld > MTV Twilight) it would be great to see LoK and Soul Reaver get a proper screen treatment.

aggh im on fire3832d ago

I have it on 360 and i think its pretty good. An 8 out of 10. Looks rubbish on the Wii though.

DarkBlood3832d ago

what was you expecting amazing graphics again i havea wii and a ps3 and im getting it on the wii regardless of graphics

aggh im on fire3831d ago

I mean control wise. The wii controller sucks at these sort of games.