Sony explains UK's PS3 price, lack of 20GB model

No doubt spurred on by the constant noise of grumbling gamers marching past his office, The Guardian's Steve Boxer decides to shed some light on the European PS3 launch in an article entitled, "PS3 Launch Price is No Fun for UK Gamers." Speaking to Sony Computer Entertainment's UK managing director, Ray Maguire, he enquires about the region's comparatively high price (£425) and the absence of the cheaper, 20GB PS3.

Maguire points out that merely converting the PS3's US retail price to British currency results in a misleading figure, as it fails to take VAT into account. "There's a compulsion within the media to look at everything as a snapshot, and do a calculation, normally based on just the RRP in somewhere like the US and just the RRP in the UK," he says. "What you should do with the RRP from the US is add sales tax." However, adding a VAT of 17.5% to the US price still leaves you with £352. Maguire blames the £73 difference on potential exchange rate fluctuations, along with the higher cost of living and running a business in the UK.

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