Is VR Ready for Mainstream Success?

VR is becoming a great addition to have but its not a "must have." Let's talk about what VR will need to do to become a mainstream device.

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ApocalypseShadow105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Is Mainstream Ready for VR Success? I switched it. It's no longer the nausea that some get that's stopping it. That has fallen to the bottom of reasons.

As said in the article, it's not that consumers aren't interested. It's just expensive for most besides others not having tried it. And, there has to be functions and features that casuals can find useful. Cell Phones have become useful. Tablets And laptops are useful. VR just needs to get there on usefulness. But once it gets there, is mainstream ready for what's coming when VR becomes a success?

Also, with new chips coming that will outperform Oculus Quest, we need some of these companies to go right after Facebook. Google should have already been there and made a Daydream stand-alone headset with built in Hey Google. Amazon as well with a built in Alexa. HTC, Varjo with Pico, Samsung, Pimax, Microsoft and every other company wasting resources trying to be the top dog on PC, need to make stand alone their top priority. Doesn't make sense to try an outdo Valve or Facebook when it's their stores and games they are trying to be compatible with. Or, partner up as a **consortium** with a standard, unbeatable stand alone. Share the costs to build, share in creating the store and getting 3rd parties, share the marketing which would lead to sharing of the profits. It would bring better headsets faster. And cost to buy cheaper.

crazyCoconuts104d ago

On the non-technical side I've seen a few ads in the US poking fun at people playing VR. I think one ad was for beer and another about some outdoor exercise related thing. The geek stigma is probably another thing the industry has to battle. Traditional video games aren't considered "cool", but are accepted. VR has to get accepted in the same way I think.

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Bigman4k104d ago

VR need tripleA games for it become mainstream sony has done a good job in my opinion with their psvr

Dabbii104d ago

Imagine PS5 WITH PSVR 2,

Bigman4k104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Yeah I can I just hope I can get a ps5 day1 due to this covid-19 and people buying online more then ever before hopefully most stores will be back open fingers crossed by the time pre-orders for PlayStation 5 start

After10Ben104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I think a game like Elders Scrolls 6 could be a really great showcase for VR. Obviously there would have to be a 2-d mode for people who want to play that way, but if Bethesda could make a VR version that utilized the new controls (it's universally known that Sony is developing new VR controllers) I think a game like that could really help push VR into mainstream acceptance.

boing1104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I think next-gen is exactly what is needed for VR to become even more popular. More power and new hardware. There is 6mil PSVRs out there so it's already kind of mainstream. Not sure how many PCVRs is out there but number is probably in millions too. I bet parity in features like controllers and such would help too but that's mostly PCVRs fragmentation problem.

SimpleSlave104d ago

As long as we don't need a YF-19 Valkyrie to bring it down. So sad!!!

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