Editorial: Netflix on Xbox 360 = Disappointing

Kombo writes: "At the risk of sounding like a forum troll, I have to say, I'm not too impressed with the implementation of Netflix on Xbox 360. The service, which is available to Xbox Live and Netflix -subscribers, allows you to stream movies to your TV via your Xbox 360, and on paper, it sounds ingenious. Indeed, that's why I -- along with many others -- was so excited when Microsoft announced this forthcoming feature way back at E3 in July. Unfortunately, Netflix for Xbox Live users is now here, and it's not all it was cracked up to be."

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Fobuo3837d ago

I see no real reason to bother with it,don't get me wrong it's a cool feature,but if future movies won't see life on the service until some 3-4 months after the movie is made available on Bluray,then I don't see the service being a humongous success on the 360

InMyOpinion3837d ago

If this was a PS3 feature people would say "give it some time", like they do with PSN.

Gue13837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

but as you can see @Jenzo, the PS3 already has a great movie service and another one from Divx so, this is not the case here and all free (obviously you have to pay for the movies). besides you pay to play online! GOD!

now go away with your useless predictions troll! =)

Milky Joe3837d ago

You're right Jenzo, welcome to tehz internetz.

tetsuhana3837d ago

I was a netflix member for a long time before this was announced for the 360. The streaming video selection sucked back then, and it sucks now. The problem is it wasn't made specifically for the 360 so the chances of Netflix improving it just for 360 owners is pretty low.

prowiew3836d ago

To me, this is the best feature the 360 have right now. Watching tv series and documentaries is great. Ive been netflixing more than playing games since the update. Also, even if you could browse movies from xbox, I would rather browse them from pc. It would be way more easier. But of course I was already a netflix member so this is a plus for me. I can understand if somebody is disappointed if you become a new member just for using the streaming movies. But if you were already a subscriber of netflix, this is an awesome feature.

Mozilla893836d ago

I thought the 360 already had a service that let you download movies and TV shows off Live. But anyways the Netflix things isn't that much of a surprise. Like the person above said, anyone that has used the Instant Stream thing on Netflix knows that the selection of movies isn't that great and it hasn't been for quite some while. I would expect improvements just not anything really dramatic like all new releases popping up.

Lifendz3836d ago

it would at least be in high quality. YOu're happy with it then fine. Good for you. Just remember that every second your 360 is on is another second you come closer to RROD. Watching movies on your 360 doesn't seem worth it to me.

And PSN doesn't need time. It's already better than live.

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GWAVE3837d ago

The fact that you have to use the computer to queue up movies is a huge oversight. You can't really claim that it's "integrated" when you have to use a separate device to even run the service properly.

And it needs to be pointed out that "new release" movies will NEVER be available on the "Instant Watch" or steaming sections. Netflix has said many many times that the licensing costs to stream these movies is far too high. Their catalog of "Instant Watch" movies will consist of movies that are a year or older.

Jamie Foxx3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

on your 360 if you cant actually manage it from your 360 microsoft need to release a patch of somesort

cheapndirty3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I have used it on my 360 and its great. Sure it only has 12000 titles. But that is fine with me. I use the ps3 for Blu Ray new releases and watch tv shows and documentarys on the 360.

I go to the net flix website. Add my titles to my instant que ( I only have about 50 in there so far). All of the titles can the be sorted through on the 360. I just scroll left to right.

FOr me it is worth it. Anyone that is serious about movies would use an optical disk. But since how I do not want to pay 60.00 for cable, Netflix is the way to go.

The Lazy One3836d ago

Go on your PC, and queue up any and every movie you could even remotely want to watch or be even slightly entertained with.

I got the free trial yesterday, and I already have 30 movies I can queue up and watch instantly. I've been watching movies on it all day today. The service is great for 8 bucks a month on top of dvd deliveries (which offers the whole library if you find something you'll want to watch that isn't instant.

The instant watch library isn't awesome, but it's still a great feature if you've got netflix already.

CrimsonReLLiK3836d ago

on your 360 if you cant actually manage it from your 360 microsoft need to release a patch of somesort

if you have to actually walk to your mailbox to get the movie US Post Office need to release a delivery program of some sort

I like movies, I have had Netflix long before it came to the 360. Now I can watch the movies on my 52" instead of sitting in front of a PC or Laptop. (Or even rigging one up to the variety of video inputs)
There is obvious room for improvement, but it has worked flawlessly for me. Even the HD streams.
Hell, I am even gonna go out on a limb and say that you probably don't even have a 360. So what does it matter to you?

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N4PS3G3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

the library is a little weak...but its going to get more movies ....the library not being that good doesn't make the Netflix application itself a dissapointment AT ALL!

Every other complaint is kinda weak ...changing your Queue via your computer was already known ..i don't see whats so bad about it ..its easier to browse 12,000 + movies on a pc...

and its nobody's fault the he saw half of the movie there....

more movies are coming ..the library could get better....its true...but the Netflix on Xbox integration is great! and the HD content its a plus ..and its going to get even better for HDTV owners

and Netflix kinda confirmed that the instant watch whole library is going to be available from the xbox

"Microsoft and Netflix come up with a way to organize and search the entire watch now inventory directly from the XBOX 360 console without having to use a computer? From what I can see, that is the only missing functionality of the service that would make the experience better. UPDATE: In regards to adding this functionally Netflix said, "This likely will change in the future – can’t say when".

PirateThom3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It's not really HD content though, for the purposes of streaming they have to compress it too much and the current infrastructure can't really support it.

It's SD upscaled and presented in an HD resolution, if you compare an HD DVD or Blu-ray to anything downloaded legally in HD, the difference is more than apparent.

A 720p movie which is an HD DVD or Blu-ray rip is usually about 6GB, I submit Netflix is not allowing 6GB of streaming movies.

So, while the quality may be better than DVD, it's not close to optical media.

CrimsonReLLiK3836d ago

PirateThom, while you have a fairly decent point, Netflix is not competing with Blu-Ray or other HD formats. They are simply providing a better quality picture to those who prefer quality over content. I have watched an HD movie on Netflix, and I can say that I was impressed. But it's not earth-shattering pixel-perfect quality.

And really, what do you know about the Netflix infrastructure? Do you work there? You're not implying that they just added HD content in there without any preconception of infrastructure, are you?

DailyAddict3837d ago

My main gripes are mostly what this article points out, which are only two things really: Horrible movie selection (ZERO NEW RELEASES) and that you have to use your computer to queue up. I can deal with the Queue part, but the fact that there's no new releases makes the service useless to me unless I'm extremely bored one night and want to see if I can find a 10 year old movie to watch. Overall, way overhyped and seeing as how PS3 at least has new releases, completely useless really.

antt33836d ago

I think that the netflix feature is best suited to people who already subscribe to netflix and simply put, want to "get more for their money."

Netflix gives subscribers unlimited online viewing, but I never took advantage of it because I HATE watching movies on my PC. But, ever since I had a way to stream the movies direct to my big screen HDTV (actually, I get my netflix streamed though my PS3 using a 3rd party program called "Playon," which also works for 360 and some other devices. Playon also streams Hulu, CBS, and a couple other things as well), I use the netflix instant view at least once every couple days.

It's at it's best when using it for TV shows, since I hated having to order multiple disks.

Yeah, the quality is what you'd expect from a streaming video (actually, it's a lot better than I expected, but obviously it's not Bluray quality). And yes, the content isn't the newest and best movies.

But in the end, if you're already a netflix subscriber, getting free unlimited online viewing over your HDTV is just icing on the cake.

Funky Town_TX3837d ago

Netflix streaming sucks in general. So match it with the 360 and it gets no better. I wonder why M$ even bothered in the first place? Video quality is bad, sound is bad, and the selection is very weak. I'm not a big movie buff in the first place but this is very bad.

Wurider3837d ago

What do you mean video quality is bad? That my friend is a bold face lie. Video quality is not bad in the least bit. You either don't have the service or you have a floor model television circa 1987!!!!

CrimsonReLLiK3836d ago

It's honestly not as bad as you say. It plays and sounds fine on my PC and on my 360. But that truly depends on your connection speed and computer as much as it does on their side. The internet is not a two-way street between just you and netflix. It has to go through many, many hops throughout internet servers and routers, so it may just not be flawless for everyone. But we can agree on the one thing... If it's good or bad on your PC, then it's gonna be good or bad on your 360.

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