Xbox Live Reveals Lockdown Created Over 270 Million New Friend Relationships

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox Live has revealed over 270 million new relationships created during the lockdown of many countries all over the world.

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monochromer368d ago

Imagine how many it created on systems people give a shit about then. That's amazing.

rainslacker368d ago

I guess if you're really bored you have to do something.

Deathdeliverer368d ago

When you have NOTHING to talk about crap like this shows up. Anyone have the numbers for how many pizzas were ordered during lockdown? I’m sure it’s a game changer.

rainslacker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

No to pizzas, but I know that most lumber suppliers are running out of wood to supply because everyone is buying lumber to build decks I suppose. And if you had stock in the companies that make paint, you're probably going to enjoy the next couple quarterly reports and see some nice dividends.

More on topic, it's cool people connected while staying at home. Normally I'd be rolling my eyes at MS announcing this, and I can see why people would attach cynicism to it, but really, it's not a bad thing that people found a way to keep their sanity in some way. I mean, if people have an Xbox, it can be kind of depressing.

Stanjara368d ago

...and 6 hundred million miles in Forza driven, with 4 bilion shots fired in Gears.

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The story is too old to be commented.