What Happened to Anthem? Is The Future Bright?

Bioware's Anthem went from a highly anticipated looter shooter from the makers of the iconic games like Mass Effect and Dragon age; to a barren game that's seen as a laughing stock.

What happened? Are things looking up? Can Bioware turn this around? Or is Anthem dead and gone?

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Crazyglues58d ago

Future is about as bright as heading out into space without a flash light....

toxic-inferno57d ago

Hate to be that guy, but...

Parts of space are very bright. Like INCREDIBLY bright. Also, if you happened to be in a dark part of space, even a very bright torch would unlikely do you any good.

Profchaos57d ago

Yeah You're right but you're still that guy sorry.

EazyC57d ago

Yeah you're def being that guy.

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morganfell57d ago

What happened? Pfftt. Really? EA lied to the world. Plenty of us tried to warn people the presentation was faked and we were summarily attacked. Then EA compounded their lies with greed.

solideagle57d ago

it's not entirely EA's fault. It's Bioware this time. Please read/watch below links and you will know that Bioware just didn't know how to handle it, they were given like 5 years to create a cool game but they did not.

morganfell57d ago

EA has oversight. They have staff that sit in Bioware's office and get regular updates about any project. If you are the captain of the ship and it hits an iceberg, it is on you whether you were at the wheel or not.

coldfire98457d ago

EA's mistake was not canceling the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.