1010° "GT is not biased, PS3 is outdated"

"Look, I'm sick of all the kerfluffle about how GT is biased towards 360 and how GT favors 360 and how GT hates on PS3. That ends now! The fact remains that 360 has just released better content than PS3. Period. See what I did there? I put a period after Period. That means conclusion; the end of discussion. The reason why GT gives 360 games better scores in the reviews is because the games are simply better experiences. The main reason for this--and it is often an overlooked and underestimated one--is because the 360 controller is a far superior gaming device than the Sony controller."

Written by Dblock (staff member of Gametrailers)

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Since the story has been submitted, has updated it with this.

***DISCLAIMER, 11-21-08, 17:42

"I am a video editor not a writer/editorial staff therefore the views expressed in this entry do not represent those of"

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HighDefinition3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Of how biased they really are. Once a year they seem to get their skirts lifted.


sushipoop3832d ago

Well this pretty much confirms it. GT is run by 360 fanboys. As if their reviews and comparison videos weren't enough proof of this.

facepalm3832d ago

....Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

ultimolu3832d ago

That guy just owned himself with that article.

boodybandit3832d ago

I am simply disgusted.
The sad thing is I feel this moron is the norm and not the exception in the gaming media.

Why o why3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

i just clicked refresh and ur pic has changed to another sexy chick lol

Oh and game trailers sucks off viacom who sleeps with MS and they all have that STD known as biasitus eatcumupus

free speach an all that but like ive said b4 theres nothing to stop a blaestar or pog from working in the gaming media (both have good grammar and are actually quite eloquent when they want to be). Working in the media doesnt just magically switch off fanboy tendencies and this is why i dont trust most american sites (no offence) but now you have your 'own team' to shout for a degree of bias is normal. Its human nature and lets not forget that it IS humans that are writing our reviews and forgetting to switch the rgb full on;)

cmrbe3832d ago

suppose to be trained professionals?.

sonarus3832d ago

Who gives a crap if GT is biased. I certainly don't...believe it or not A LOT of people prefer 360 to PS3...does it make them fanboys? No.

I still don't understand why people hate PS3 controller with a passion. Like WTF. I know just as many people who prefer PS3 controller as i know ppl who prefer 360 and more importantly i know even more people who are real gamers who can find a way to enjoy a game without whining about how their thumbs feel like they are going to touch.

Majority of people prefer 360 controller but fooling yourself into thinking PS3 controller (a controller more than 100million people have used and enjoyed) is a piece of crap is laughable.

People need to step away from these fanboy wars and unnecessary comparisons. Play PS3 game with PS3 controller have a good time play 360 game with 360 controller and have a good time. There is absolutely no reason to cease your good time to ponder which controller feels better unless offcourse you have a good time doing that and you are a fanboy

I still don't think GT is biased but its quite possible that there are 360 fanboys that work for them

Time_Is_On_My_Side3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Why is this posted on N4g (News for Gamers) when this is clearly a blog entry? Grumpy from Invisible Walls is bias that was clarified in the last episode of Invisible Walls.

HighDefinition3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Because it`s a blog of a GT staff member, not just some random internet dweller.

And this is 1000% NEWS FOR GAMERS, regardless.

cherrypie3832d ago

Wow, are you ever ridiculous.

Dont like what the *respected press says*? call them biased.

Gametrailers is better than N4G. This is the **ONLY** place airing stories from psxextreme, blogspot, blorge and that are trying DESPERATELY to try and portray NXE negatively.

From the absolute RIDICULOUS lies about heat-issues caused by NXE, frmo top to bottom, this site is broken.

Then, here, and ONLY here on N4G could your comment be rated "Agree(14) | Disagree(0)" -- how ridiculous is that?

So, by YOUR estimation NOT having a hate-on for MS & Xbox 360 (Gametrailers) means they are "Xbox 360 fanboys" -- however, YOU and this site are objective?

Are you the same person who thinks that the 6 stories CURRENTLY on the front page of N4G about "avatars sucking", "NXE sucking", "RRoD" and all having an unrelated picture of the 3RR is 'objective'?

Right. Got it. +14 people on this site need a head examination.

Elimin83832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

But this statement alone is proof why they are bias..."The reason why GT gives 360 games better scores in the reviews is because the games are simply better experiences. The main reason for this--and it is often an overlooked and underestimated one--is because the 360 controller is a far superior gaming device than the Sony controller." better looking or not there are multiplat-games out that look just as good on the ps3 as it does on the 360 and vice versa yet still the ps3 always get knockdown because of the graphics. don't get me wrong the graphics does play a major role but i always thought that the point of gameplay is to really make the player feel like he is in the game and in control.. my classmate has the 360 and i must say i love the 360 control because of it's size that and nothing else "I have big hands" but the dualshock 3 IMO is way better WAAAAYYYYYY Better... and much more responsive.....

Edit: also worth mentioning are the analog sticks on the 360 feels quite good. Not the placement on the pad itself but they are easy on the thumbs..... I think nothing is perfect but seriously be fair.........

I read the article as much as I did not want to, but I wanted to be fair in my critic of this #$$. I can go on and on but I will let the rest of my gaming peers pass on their own judgement.....

ultimolu3832d ago

More like idiotic baboons.

vickers5003832d ago

Quote from the end of the article-
I am a video editor not a writer/editorial staff therefore the views expressed in this entry do not represent those of

Yeah GT is still biased, but I don't think they're as biased as this douche, who is just clearly idiotic. At least I hope not, because I love watching their hd video reviews, its the only place I can find an hd review without paying for it (f*ck you and your fee's, ign, I will not pay for opinions in hi def).

So yeah, I am pretty sure Gametrailers isn't as biased as this moron.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3832d ago

Makes sense even though the person clearly states it isn't an editorial when it is one. Since this person is part of the staff there for is considered an editorial.

Why o why3832d ago

not every site is bias OK BUT GT have over the last couple of years have shown on numerous occasions that they are more in favour of the 360 OR against the PS3. I put it down to simple my team vs their team mentality. Answer me this. Does ANY bias against the PS3 exist in your eyes?

Ill even agree that the front page does look bleak for the 360 TODAY but last weak it was probably full of stories knocking sony and/or the ps3 so that proves nothing as its all down to the mods and contributors.

Maxned3832d ago

This is NOT a full statement from Gametrailers, it is simply an OPINION of a staff member. People need to stop speculating and start realizing the facts.

incogneato3832d ago

As if this wasnt enough proof of GameTrailers bias, there's also an interview with the developers of Tekken where the editor in chief at GameTrailers blatantly bashes PS3 and praises 360 over it.

And let's not forget that GameTrailers is owned by MTV Networks which has a big partnership with Microsoft.

Boycott these idiots. Gamersyde has better quality uncompressed videos anyway.

Nicolator3832d ago

I am a 360 fan but that is way out of line... as a part of a neutral site that all gamers come for advice that is not the way to go...

bad bad. bad..

Homicide3832d ago

This is why you can't trust these people. Even the reviewers are fanboys! This goes to all websites. This is unprofessionalism at it's best.

RPG Guy3832d ago

Not going to Gametrailers anymore. I own both consoles (360 and PS3) and enjoy playing games on both. But this is biased media at its finest. To hell with Gametrailers. They fire this guy, I'll be back, till then, the site is no longer on my to visit list.

So much for being fair. Killzone 2 won't deliver? Have you played the BETA??? F'N clown.

Halochampian3832d ago

read the bottom guys...

"I am a video editor not a writer/editorial staff therefore the views expressed in this entry do not represent those of"

drdistracto7073832d ago

lets save money and just get your head examined instead...

oh, and it doesnt take much effort to actually READ the article, and if you were blind enough not to see how biased the article was, then you might as well get your eyes checked too!

Miraak82 3832d ago

I know right!!! I'm able form fit the ps3 controller in to my hand into many types of gaming styles since I've been using it through its many variations over the past 10 years , I love it. but to totally give the higher up on the 360 do to preference in controller design make you seem like there opinions should be taken as not credible. GT just proved that thier a bunch of Fanboys always having the 360 in back of thier minds first and foremost .... blah , screw them

HighDefinition3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

That wasn`t there before.


sunnygrg3832d ago

Hah, GT IS biased, and PS3 is the future of gaming.

Genesis53832d ago

PS3 is out dated? Yeah it's 5 years a head of it's time.

Mozilla893832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Well said my friend, I a PS3 fan will give you a 360 fan bubbles as a gesture of good will. I think saying you're a 360 fan or a PS3 fan is a good way to say it. I don't hate the 360 I'm just more of a PS3 fan, the 360 is nice too.

cmrbe3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Good to see some reasonable x360 fans on this site.

As a PS3 fan i would not approve at all if a game on the x360 would be marked down because of the loud DVD drive in the x360 or because the x360 HARDWARE is prone to failure. Those have nothing at all to do with the game itself.

The hardware which a game runs on should not factor into a GAME review. The review should be solely on weather the game itself is good or not e.g Story,Graphics,etc.

phosphor1123832d ago

So a controller makes the whole console outdated? Or is he implying that the built in Blu-ray, Wi-fi, HDD, charger in the controllers, and free internet access too oldschool? I have never seen a bigger fanboy, ok, maybe I have, but fanboyism of this magnitude calls for a Fanboy Alert on a national level.

yesah3832d ago

someones getting fired...

Sarcasm3832d ago

I am not biased. The PS3 just sucks and the 360 is superior! That's all! Period. You see that? Period. You see that? Question Mark! You see that, Exclamation mark! You see that!!?!?!?!!?


What a contradicting article.

If such games like MGS4, LBP, GT5P, Resistance 2, Uncharted, Ratchet FTOD Killzone 2, etc. etc. didn't exist. Then I'd agree with him. But the fact remains that BOTH consoles have great experiences.

StephanieBBB3832d ago

Either that or this guy is clueless.

I can woop people equally good with both the 360 and PS3 controller. But honestly I prefer the PS3's controller, mostly because it's more responsive/sensitive and light weight than the 360 controller.

Anyhow it's good that stuff like this comes out so people finally realise how fake the review system at some sites are. Shame on GT.

NEO_X3832d ago

its always seems the ps3 side of the comparison videos are poorly edited and this guy is a video editor........ coincidence i think not!

adalwolfe3832d ago

its not biased.. this is just proof that game professionals prefer the 360.. its what i've been saying all along.. 'real gamers' prefer the 360.. not being biased here. its just the facts.

Traveler3832d ago

Oh, just because one guy has a preference for the 360, the whole site is now supposedly biased against the PS3? You guys are too funny.

Is it that he is an Xbox fanboy and dogmatically supports all Xbox 360 games, or is it because he has played a lot of games on a lot of consoles and simply found that he likes the 360's controller and many of the 360's exclusives and is stating how he really feels? I am sure if he had said things against the 360 like those guys over at did, you guys would be perfectly happy with it. In fact, many of you were perfectly happy with it.

The thing you guys don't seem to realize is that every reviewer has their preferences...that's what it means to be human. We're not robots, thus there is no way that we are going to feel the same way towards all games or all consoles. That is impossible. I've seen reviewers that have an obvious preference for the PS3--like Nate Ahearn over at IGN--and sometimes it is frustrating when you feel that their bias is coloring their review, but that is human nature. The way I see things, all the reviewers out there and their differing tastes and preferences are like a microcosm of the gaming public at large. They are basically a representative sample of all gamers out there in the world. Sure, there are biases. But there is no universal bias in one direction. Some reviewers favor the PS3, some the Wii, some the 360. But I can tell you one thing, just because one video editor over at Gametrailers seems to prefer the 360 does not mean that the whole staff of the site is biased against the PS3. That is silly.

Let me pose a hypothetical situation. Say there were a console that truly did have consistently horrible games (no, I'm not talking about the Wii...ha, ha, jk)...something like the Jaguar lets say. So this console comes out today that has the same quality of games as the Atari Jaguar and how are reviewers supposed to act towards it? Are they supposed to give all of its games equal scores as the likes of Gears of War 2 and LittleBigPlanet in order to avoid being called biased? Would the reviewers be expected to never share their honest opinion that the console and its games suck? Of course not, that is ridiculous. Obviously this is an extremely hypothetical situation and I am absolutely not trying to compare the PS3 to the Jaguar, but I am trying to make a point: game reviewers are human and they are paid to share their opinions about things. It is never going to work out where all the games of every system get the same reviews, nor should we want it to. That would defy the purpose of having reviews in the first place.

Sarick3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

"***DISCLAIMER, 11-21-08, 17:42"

"I am a video editor not a writer/editorial staff therefore the views expressed in this entry do not represent those of"

He's the one who makes those comparison videos. It's his job to adjust modify and edit the comparison videos that we watch. The ones showing video quality for PS3 vs 360.

Well. Spank me simple, he don't like PS3 or the controller. He thinks Xbox 360 is superior then says *Period*, followed up by "end of discussion!"

kindi_boy3832d ago

why not everyone get a chill pill and go find something to play rather than whine about whatever they are whining about

Mozilla893832d ago

haha your vast knowledge of punctuation marks is astounding!

Halochampian3832d ago

I got disagrees for pointing out the bottom part. lol. It's like people disagree with anything.

pain777pas3832d ago

I just had to post! LOL! Gametrailer guy just owned himself and if you think that the PS3 is oudated you are a misinformed jabroni patents is what is keeping M$ ahead trust me.

Rock Bottom3832d ago

"I am a video editor not a writer/editorial staff therefore the views expressed in this entry do not represent those of"

Haha, so this guy is actually one of the guys behind GT's comparisons videos.

LOL, just lol.

pixelsword3832d ago

...All of the trailers, none of the bias.

DaTruth3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

This is probably the guy who edited that Sega race game where both sides were PS3 and the one crash was far better on the 360 labeled side.

And on another note, I never liked the idea of the six face buttons on the 360 controller, I only have one right thumb.


WOW N4G is the best!
Xbox 360 users sucks they have always wrong all websites giving 360 exclusives high scores sucks. PS3 Owns! Thats how it is at N4G PS3 fanboys doesent even dare to admit that they are fanboys " Hey i own a xbox 360 and a PS3 but i think all games sucks on the 360 and all games on PS3 is the best all websites not giving PS3 games a 10 is 360 fanboys Whehe. Give it a rest.

gaminoz3831d ago

The 360 controller IS better for shooters. I have both consoles and this just seems obvious.

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GWAVE3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Gee. So basically he's saying "Yes, internet, we ARE as biased as you have said."

Thanks for the confirmation, buddy.

And as far as the 360 controller being a "far superior gaming device" Go try to play a fighting game on that thing. Heck, try to use the D-Pad for ANY serious task and you'll fail. Plus, I prefer the Dualshock face buttons (square, triangle, etc) to the Xbox face buttons (X,Y,A,B). Period. See what I did there? I put a period after period. Meaning that's the end of my opinion.

DA_SHREDDER3832d ago

I always have trouble turning on my night vision or equipping my claymores or c4 in COD4 and 5. I press right on the darn thing and it just doesn't work out the way I want it too. On the other hand, the analog sticks are better, but the triggers and and shoulder buttons is all a matter of preference. I actually like the shoulder buttons on the ps3 better then the triggers,, but the triggers are nice for racing games.

Also, its not everyone at game trailers that are biased. Geoff Keighley is a ps3 fanboy. I love the way he always talks highly about the console during interviews with xbox devs and PR. He always has to bring up the superior hardware. Its just those damn gaming editors. I too love my 360, and I prefer using it for games that are multiplat, but the ps3 has the best exclusives. Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead have put the system in a good standing, but thats the only exclusive games that is even worth having on the system.

GWAVE3832d ago

Keighley actually used to (seemingly) be a 360 fanboy. His questions would always have a pro-360 spin. Yet now, it seems that he's far more supportive of the PS3.

On another note, Pachter used to be a big Sony and Nintendo supporter. He would routinely bash Microsoft for the continued failure rate and "same old" types of games. Now he worships them and bashes Sony any chance he gets.

It's odd, but either way it goes to show that gaming media is just as biased as anyone else.

Harry1903832d ago

Funny comment about the period there. And yes, Geoff is in favour of the PS3 a little more.

But this guy does not form part of the staff in charge of writing reviews.

poeo3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

nah, Geoff Keighley isnt a ps3 fanboy.. last time i heard him speak in a Bonus Round he admitted he doesnt play on ps3 that much, he prefers to play on xbox 360, because his friends are there. when he talks highly of ps3 i think he's just trying to be as neutral as possible, trying not to be a d*ck.

ultimolu3832d ago

We should all pray that he was being sarcastic and this article was a joke. I mean...what the flipping hell. If this guy was trying to prove that GT isn't biased, then he just failed undeniably hard. If GT isn't biased, then they would treat all three consoles EQUALLY and not take any sides.

Journalism in gaming has reached an all time low. Now I remember why I don't visit GT that much.

Elimin83832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

He should try making a full out comparison on the controls itself. i must admit while the control is not so revolutionary it is none the less updated... wireless, bluetooth enabled, sixaxis, curved L2,R2 triggers.. like i said not much but change none the less... the xbox 360 um, um, um well it is wireless and is a different color....which is outdated? the 360 control is the same as the xbox s control which i had....... with the exception of some of the buttons repositioned in the center as oppose to the side like the first big behemoth... Man people like him does create fanboys.... but I shall remain a fan of GAMING PERIOD. see what you made me do... lol

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Raptors3832d ago

Hey everyone is entitled to an opinion. Only thing is I hate alot of the ppl at my work, doesn't mean Im gonna tell them that lol Man that guy pissed off alot of people.

LOL @ 93 comments in 30 mins.

RPG Guy3832d ago

He's basically saying F a product we're supposed to be covering unbiasedly. So basically, he's saying they're biased against it. Too much proof already, and now this is confirmation. GT should be ignored by all except for the hardest of hardcore bots who can watch PS3 vids as their XBOX 360 gameplay.

Marcello3832d ago

Wat an extremely unprofessional & BAISED !! thing to write.

Conformation GT is biased, as we already knew :/

ruibing3832d ago

Confirmation that GT staff needs a dictionary for Christmas to understand the definition of bias and irony.

gamesmaster3832d ago gaming journalism at its best....

naman73832d ago

then make ur site 360traliers, fanboys. i not defending sony and im not A fanboy but for one the 360 control ruins the experince of a game not make it better, have u seen the d-pad??

GiantEnemyCrab3832d ago

Of course and if this had been a rant about the 360 you would all be applauding their journalistic integrity (I've seen it here more than once).

I've never seen so many hypocrites and biased people(PS3 biased) all cry and scream about people being biased.

And before people attack me, yes I am biased but I'm not running around like a loon screaming about a huge anti-360 conspiracy all the time like many who are here right now condeming this persons OPINION!

PS: 360 Controller > PS3 controller (except the Dpad)

thebudgetgamer3832d ago

but this is why video game journalism is a joke. there is nothing wrong about preferring a console but when you work for a supposedly reputable news source you're supposed to at least try not to be biased


Bob Dole3832d ago

So you say:
"yes I am biased but I'm not running around like a loon screaming about a huge anti-360 conspiracy all the time"

right after you say:
"Of course and if this had been a rant about the 360 you would all be applauding their journalistic integrity"

Is it just Bob or did you just contradict tha crap out of yourself?

jmare3832d ago

That is opinion. There is no quantifiable way to measure which controller is better. For every person that thinks the 360 controller is great, there is another that thinks the PS3 controller is great. Just because 360 fans are more vocal abot the controller than PS3 fans does not make the controller necessarily better. I personally think it's just some fanboy bullshit that 360 zealots try to use to "prove" the 360 is better than the PS3.

thebudgetgamer3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

i would respect you if you were not full of it a post made by you today

"Its there, use it if you want, if not just avoid it, that simple."

Funny, that is how I feel about Avatars on the Xbox 360 but that hasn't stopped the bash train. I wonder if I should call it a grand conspiracy?

Anyway, after all the crap I've heard from the Sony gang on the NXE and Avatars, Home will be some bitter medicine.


Why o why3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

sounds like ur crying about us crying ..........that makes sense especially since we're not crying about ur preferred console just GT and their staff. Don't think for one second that all of these exposures have stopped me or many others from watching game videos on their site. Its just that i/we're allowed to express ourselves as much as you are and its ironic that your complaining about us doing so.

GiantEnemyCrab3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Fair enough. The disclaimer at the end to me says he is not speaking for all of GameTrailers.

thebudgetgamer: Do you care to debate that topic? Or are you just going to call me a liar. Believe me, I am not basing my Home claims without having been in the beta extensively for the last 4 months. For what people are expecting it is going to be bitter and I will be there to remind those who took to NXE bashing and big upping Home with a smile on my face.

Why of Why: Touche! Yes, I guess I am crying about those crying. Now excuse me while I go dry my eyes. =)

thebudgetgamer3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

and you have never seen me bash the nxe. i think its sweet and cant wait to use it, and does it realy matter what people say as long as you like it.


edit: i dont expect home to be the next comming i just think i will be cool to meet new people and play some games thats it