PlayStation 5 Concept UI Created By Community Member

Joshua writes: "I guess we're all excited about the PlayStation 5 launching later this year! I took a stab at what the dashboard could look like based on my personal preference. For this prototype, I was looking at fast rich transitions that are not in the way of the user."

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Jin_Sakai712d ago

Got to be honest, I don’t really like this concept. Can’t wait to see the official PS5 UI.

TheScotsman710d ago

Yeah I wouldn't be happy with this for sure

FinalFantasyFanatic710d ago

I'm going to need those folders, that's one of the best things Sony has added to the UI, makes it easier to organize my games.

isarai711d ago

Ew no thanks, looks like a tabloid website

Rimeskeem711d ago

I actually like the simplicity of the PS4 UI.

pwnmaster3000710d ago

Same, the PS4 UI is my fav out of the 3. It’s really simple and gets to the point. Plus it looks nice.

LucasRuinedChildhood710d ago

It's easy to use but it could do with a bit more personality and much more customization.

I sort of miss the music and the little videos that would play when you hovered over a game on the PS3. If Spider-Man was on the PS3, the main theme would swell every time you hover over the game alongside a video of Spider-Man swinging through New York and beating up gangsters. It gets you hyped to play. On PS4, you just get a thumbnail of a web that looks like something off the app store. 90% of the time the thumbnails look worse than the cover art on the PS Store.

I really hope that we will be able to properly organise our digital libraries on PS5, along with the ability to pin games and folders. A lot of my games that I want to play are buried among games that I have no interest in - PS Plus is both a blessing and a curse.

rainslacker710d ago (Edited 710d ago )

Vita had a great UI. If they could find a way to get that easily usable on a non touchscreen based system, it'd be awesome. Would need to be refined some of course.

I always wondered why Sony didn't implement the touch pad into the function of the UI itself. Seems they have some basics already programmed in, as PSMove can go through it with similar type motions.

ApocalypseShadow710d ago

We need to see real stuff, not fake stuff right before the reveal.

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The story is too old to be commented.