Shifting Gears Into the Future with Criterion and Need for Speed

From EA Games: "Hello, Matt Webster here, General Manager of Criterion Games. First, I wanted to let you all know how excited our team here in Guildford is to be back in the driver’s seat of development for Need for Speed. As you'll know we have real history with racing and with Need for Speed. We're focused on bringing Criterion's unique point of view, unparalleled game feel, and high quality innovations that will chart a new future for this wonderful series of games."

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KyRo140d ago

I do too. People will always shit on it because it's EA. It's the last big arcade racer we have left and that's sad.

yeahokwhatever138d ago

I wish the cars rolled a little better in the latest ones. When you let off the gas it feels like you're slamming the brakes. otherwise its a solid series.

LucasRuinedChildhood140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Thank God Criterion can make racing games again. The genre has been boring without them.

TheHan140d ago

I’m excited for the future of NFS

LA_Zeo140d ago

Another near perfect game EA has ruined...