Capcom Vancouver pitched for a new Dino Crisis, was working on Unreal Engine 4-powered Dead Rising 5

DSOGaming writes: "While Capcom Vancouver is no more, it appears that this studio was interested in reviving some classic Capcom games. One of them was Dino Crisis, a game that a lot of Capcom fans want to see return. Unfortunately, though, Capcom Japan shut this project down."

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Spurg506d ago

Yeah, they closed down 2 years ago

505d ago
GamerRN505d ago

I would love a Dead Rising 5 with a tone more like 3

Spurg506d ago

It seems that Capcom Vancouver were trying to move away from Dead Rising but capcom wouldn't let them.
I would have loved to see the game Microsoft wanted them to make to answer The last of us.

GreatSako2020505d ago

Capcom strategy is to develop games fully inhouse in Japan. That's why they ended most of their contracts with western developers and closed western studios.

Good-Smurf505d ago

Oh please they milked DR dry and they ruined DR4 I'm glad Capcom shut them down.
Stuff like Dino Crisis remake/reboot should be handle by those who cares and not the studio that lost their touch and interest on one IP.

ZwVw505d ago

Milked DR dry? Quite the contrary. Virtually every new ip or reboot Vancouver pitched over to Capcom Japan got shut down because the higher-up wanted the studio relegated to developing only DR.

Good-Smurf504d ago

Still not a good excuse for them to make a game inferior in most areas to original Dead Rising.
Check out Crowbcat video it was embarrassing.
If that's their protest to self sabotage their own game then oh boy were they pissed but not a wise decision at all.

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