GamePro: The 18 Best Fighting Games

From Mortal Kombat II to Tekken 5, GamePro names the 18 most quintessential fighting games ever created! Read on to see what made the list.

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Yi-Long3837d ago

... Where is Def Jam; Fight for New York!?

Foliage3837d ago

Street Fighter 3rd Strike would have made my list easily, probably at the top.

Also KOF should be there amongst others.

Harry1903837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Dead or Alive 4 has the accessible gameplay and titillating graphics of the previous entries.

It has a cheating AI and the cheapest boss in the history of videogames dammit.

I don't agree with that list. They are missing too many good fighters.
Tekken 3 was the best Tekken. Virtua Fighter Arcade Remix was the best Virtua Fighter. Not one single KOF game in that list dammit? What the hell? Soul Blade was the first and my favourite fighter with weapons.
Where is Capcom vs SNK?

PirateThom3837d ago

Ugh, Mortal Kombat...

I definitely agree with number 1 though, Street Fighter II is still the best fighter.

moja3837d ago

C'mon, where's Clayfighter?

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