Square Enix is Developing an Action Game With Dragon's Dogma Lead Ryota Suzuki

Square Enix is developing a new action game with ex-Capcom Dragon's Dogma Lead Ryota Suzuki. Also, they're hiring developers with action cred.

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Darkborn64d ago

I so want a dragons dogma 2 so this could be good.

Lore64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Really hoping the rumors are true that Capcom’s heavily invested financially into a sequel

Darkborn64d ago

Me too. Only time will tell though.

ChrisW64d ago

@ Lore, Which would mean that Square Enix will most likely not be able to release something similar to Dragon's Dogma.

Lore63d ago

I was aware that this was a Square Enix article. Dragon’s Dogma is an excellent IP so I went ahead and steered towards Capcom for my comment

borneFROMblood63d ago

we all focused on Dragon's Dogma words, and ignored Square Enix.
This is not Capcom guys ;c
Still, could be Nier?

pwnmaster300063d ago

I really wish I could of gotten into dragon dogma..
Really embarrassing, but I just couldn’t get the mechanic and kept getting lost.
I don’t want them changing the mechanics tho, because that’s what the fans like.

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AK9164d ago

Wait so they’re not involving Hideaki Itsuno? Seems like a missed opportunity.

borneFROMblood63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I just realized how we both are confused and wrong. Square Enix =/= Capcom.
Not Dragon's Dogma, Could be Nier tho.

AK9163d ago

Thanks for the correction