The Witcher 3: Why I'm Still Playing After Five Years

COG writes: There have been lots of great games that have been released since 2015, but few have matched The Witcher 3's combination of engaging story, rich gameplay and interesting characters.

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115d ago
mrsolidsteel20115d ago

Well I’m playing it because I never beat it yetis :|

114d ago
timotim114d ago

Just finished up The Witcher 2 on the X. Loved it! It looked damn good too in native 4K. Some people say they only want to play current games on current glad I dont share such dispositions. To be able to go back and play this series next gen with better performance and fidelity is awesome.

Movefasta1993114d ago

I am on my second playthrough on pc, it's still a gorgeous game, especially act 2 in Flotsam, with the town and the beautiful forest, it's a looker. And I always play old games, that's why I support gog, replaying old games is a big part of gaming for me.

timotim114d ago

Yeah, ill probably do my 3rd playthrough next gen on the SX when they add HDR and other features to the game and finish it on Dark Mode. And I agree, beautiful game! Whoever says they dont care about playing old games want new hardware comes out is not a real gamer. These are the same people that go around saying digital games is pointless because they rather be able to play the game years from now...even if its pulled from the server 😂. They dont understand how backwards they are.

AK91114d ago

That’s impressive I got bored of it after 5 hours, phenomenal story and characters but Incredibly lacklustre in the gameplay department.

Dark-soul114d ago

I was forcing myself to like that crap for about 50h until finally gave up. Persona, final fantasy, octopath traveler and many other games are 100 times better

EvilCalvin114d ago

Ok! Like Persona, Octopath and FF are not repetitive slogs? The Witcher 3’s story and side quests blow those old JRPG story tropes out of the water! Get real!

114d ago
Charlieboy333114d ago

Dude, after 5 hours you saw literally nothing of the story, gameplay or characters. Do you have trouble following through with things in your life? Just curious...

Gatsu114d ago

You only played 5 hours and you think you know the story and characters???

TheColbertinator114d ago

So much to do in the Witcher 3

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The story is too old to be commented.