If GTA5 keeps selling, would Take-Two wait to launch GTA6?

CEO Strauss Zelnick responds to concerns of the publisher cannibalizing its own successes.

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ps3rider57d ago

If were take two and my game is selling pretty solid I won't release a new sequel

ChristopherJack57d ago

So if we want to see sequels, sooner, we should pirate instead.

ilikestuff57d ago

Yes, drunk some rum, have your significant other hide somewhere in the house and then u search for that “booty”
That’s what u meant by pirate, right?

NotoriousWhiz56d ago

What good is pirating if you already bought the game on two consoles?

Kabaneri57d ago

Rockstar better not triple dip with a ReRemaster.

xTonyMontana57d ago

They will lol, to be fair the game looks amazing on high end PCs and literally requires a high end PC to run it at 60fps on max settings in 1440p at least

b163o157d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Three freaking generations! ridiculous, great for the company, but it kind of sucks for us. I honestly feel a new GTA is overdue...

cammers199557d ago

GTA V is gonna be the next resident evil 4 situation where it was so successful it eventually is ported to every system under the sun.

neutralgamer199256d ago

And than years later a remake haha

SamPao57d ago

It will be available through bc on all platforms

ilikestuff57d ago

That’d be crazy.... crazy enough to work. Kidding, It’d just be crazy

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xTonyMontana57d ago

I don't think they will, likely they'll give Rockstar some extra development time to make it the best it can be but bringing in a whole new generation to GTAO would offer them incentive to alone.

Traecy57d ago

I'm quite sure that's why there isn't a GTA6 released yet knowing it was released 7 years ago. They're taking their sweet time from all the money they've made off of GTA5 including the recent RDR2. Possibly won't see GTA6 for another 2 to 3 years from now.

Dirtnapstor57d ago

Isn’t Red Dead 1 rumored to be remastered as well?

Bigman4k56d ago

Rumor of a RDR 1 remake not a remaster for next generation only according to the rumor

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The story is too old to be commented.