Does Xbox Have The Most Exciting Lineup Of Next-Gen Games?

Xbox knows it has to improve its first-party offerings, and with a bunch of new studios hard at work, does Xbox have the most exciting next-gen lineup?

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Obscure_Observer969d ago ShowReplies(12)
RamRod88969d ago

It's hard to say when we have hardly seen everything yet from MS and Sony.

amazingmax7969d ago

Both systems will have interesting/exciting titles :)

rdgneoz3968d ago

MS has already said it won't have first party exclusives for the system for the first 2 years. So every first party exclusive you can play on xbone as well. Unlike Sony, who will have next gen exclusives and make full use of the system. Should be interesting to see what exclusives both companies put it to get people to upgrade to the next gen.

Koolaidude967d ago

The first years are always dry for PlayStation to start so does it even matter. Also, third party devs can make exclusives and chooses to just focus on sides X.

DJStotty967d ago

"Unlike Sony, who will have next gen exclusives and make full use of the system."

Microsoft 1st party will also make full use of the system, just imagine if some Series X games look better than some PS5 exclusives?

The uproar would be sensational.

franwex969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

Halo Infinite pretty much gets me excited-even though we don’t know anything. So in a sense: yes Microsoft has me excited for Xbox series x due to Halo.

PS4 is destroying this year though. Way to end a gen! Even though a new gen is coming, we have to give this year to Sony (again).

Shadowsteal968d ago

Yeah so exciting waited 5 years to play a game that'll be possible on the base Xbox One.

franwex968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

Yeah I am. I’m really excited to play a game. Crazy! Who would think a person in this website would want to play a game!

968d ago
DJStotty967d ago

I thought Halo was yearly according to some fans?

rainslacker968d ago

I too am excited that after 5 odd years, MS is finally releasing a decent number of decent looking games for the X1.