What game would you like to see tackle a different genre?

PCGamer: Gears of War surprised many of us when it turned out to make a fine backdrop for a turn-based tactics game. Also this year, Pong became a roleplaying game somehow, and the next Yakuza game is a JRPG? Going a bit further back we've seen Assassin's Creed try being 2D, Halo become an RTS, Spore evolve into an action-RPG, WarCraft become an MMO, and Syndicate try being an FPS thought not for long. Going way back, who else remembers that the original Castle Wolfenstein was a top-down stealth game?

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isarai69d ago

As in spinoff? I've always wanted a beat'em up centered around Jan Lee for Dead or Alive

Obscure_Observer69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I would love a next gen Mortal Kombat Mythologies game (episodic like Hitman, FFVII: Remake) featuring all characters from the MK universe with more RPG elements

SickSinceSix69d ago

Wouldn't be for PC but I'm still waiting on the inevitable Uncharted kart racing game, Unkarted: The Fast of Us

Vetalka8369d ago

i'd love to play Samurai Shodown RPG,with todays graphics!

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