NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3080 Flagship GPU Pictured For The First Time

Usman Pirzada of Wccftech writes, "NVIDIA's RTX 3080 graphics card features bold new design with bi-directional fans, irregular PCB and curved heatsink"

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Fishy Fingers1474d ago


If its fake, its one hell of a fake and while I'm more likely to buy a 3rd party variant (Nvidia or AMD) that would make for one good looking founders addition. Fingers crossed for the GA102 core too.

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HardcoreHDGamer1474d ago

Why would you drool over a £1000 piece GPU when you can half of this on a PS5 when it drops and literally be rocking the same if not better fidelity in games. You guys drooling over, over price hardware to keep upgrading every year is so old fashioned and boring its just borderline retarded.

remixx1161474d ago

I'm a console gamer but you sound literally stupid

Edgelordsupreme1474d ago

Huh, that's a rather silly thing to say let's take a look at your comment history it can't be entirely terrible misinformed, childish takes.... Oh they all are!? Wow, that is quite the feat. Maybe you should refrain from talking about things you know nothing about? It might make you look like less of a "borderline retard" whatever that is.

Neonridr1474d ago

you must be new. A PS5 is equivalent to what.. a 2070. Why would you drool over better, faster hardware? Gee.. I dunno..

FlyingFoxy1474d ago

It's usually every 2 years, and even then a card like this could easily last you 3 or more depending what you play, especially at 1440p.

It's about what framerates and graphics settings you want, that's why PC gamers like upgrading every few years. Keeps you on top performance wise.

anubusgold1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

@HardcoreHDGamer 60 fps vs 250 fps enough said. 60 fps in games yuck that was bad in 2009 lol

Matology1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Because some people like myself enjoy building PCs... Gaming on PC is something that is hard to explain to console people... When you boot up that first PC you built yourself and it works to a tee, that is the buzz.

Plugging in a HDMI lead and a power cord and loading up a game on console... Not for everyone.

Shane Kim1473d ago

Flying fox

Marginally better gfx doesn't justify such a high price. I have the 1080Ti and play most games at max settings 1440p and they look marginally better. Not worth the 990 dollars (converted from swedish) I payed for marginally better gfx. It was stupid and something I'll never do again.

FlyingFoxy1473d ago

Shane Kim that's up to you if you think it's worth it, if you prefer console then just go console. I prefer having higher framerates on PC and having the keyboard & mouse for certain games especially shooters.

Plus i use my PC for things other than gaming

ossyc1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

When the next gen consoles release they will already be 1 generation behind; the GPUs are the equivalent to a 2070(not even close to a 2080ti). The 3000 series will be out before the consoles. Also the consoles have a life span of 6-8 years. By year 4 the consoles will be 4- 5 generations of cards behind - I think you get the picture? The consoles great are value don't get me wrong, but you get what you pay for.

starchild1473d ago

Because I enjoy what the PC offers as a gaming platform (and general computing device): better graphics, much higher framerates, higher resolutions, backwards and forwards compatibility, the ability to mod my games to suit my preferences, freedom and customization in hardware, and the best overall library of games IMO.

anubusgold1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@ossyc Plus if you are smart you will part out your pc in 2 or 3 years before the value of your parts drop and ebay them and get most of your money back then use that money for your next upgrade. Sometimes you can get a good deal on a gpu or cpu then turn around and sell it for almost what it cost new i have done that several times. I sold a used 4870x2 for 400 dollars like 4 years after it launched. Ive sold cheap budget ram for 100 bucks because it was no longer being made.

When the 3000 series cards come out im thinking 600 to 500 bucks for the 3060 thats 2080Ti performance with twice the ray tracing cores if what Nvidia is saying is accurate . My current card is going for $250 dollars on ebay. So thats $350 to upgrade my pc for the next 3 years at the most.

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Neonridr1474d ago

you never buy the first edition of these cards. You always wait for a variant to come out by ASUS, MSI, etc

FanboysKiller1474d ago

Looks cheap, I expect cheaper prices like the 10 series, I guess they wanna stay competitive against upcoming consoles .

MWH1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

That's the common sense, which nvidia completely lack for quite a while.

Fishy Fingers1474d ago

The GTX1080 launched at $600-700 (3rd party vs founders), at the same time you could buy a PS4 with 3 games for $250 (in sales).

Dont think they've ever concerned themselves with being competitive against consoles.

RazzerRedux1474d ago

Not sure why. Nvidia is more concerned with competition from AMD and Intel than PS or Xbox. PC gaming is a larger market than console gaming.

Vits1474d ago

If they are going to pitch something against the new consoles will either be their notebook lineup or the RTX 3060. Unless AMD manage to surprise everybody with actually competitive card, the RTX 3080 will be alone at the top without competition and therefore will be expensive.

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ocelot071474d ago

Going to wait and see what AMD have to show.

blanka45451474d ago

Amd lol the ones with driver problems and said 4gb vram can do 4k haha!

badz1491473d ago

again with "driver problems" argument? for how many years more will you be using that? it's 2020, buddy and while it's true that AMD has no offering for the equivalent of the 2080S and 2080Ti, they are definitely competing with nVidia at a notch or 2 lower tier and provides great value GPUs still. with nVidia unopposed at the highest end market, good luck paying overprice for those 3080 and 3080Ti later

ocelot071473d ago

I honestly believe GPU fanboys are worse than CPU and console fanboys I really do lol.

XxINFERNUSxX1474d ago

Next gen tech coming soon, will def upgrade my 2070 Super, just because :D

AuraAbjure1474d ago

2070 Super a great card tho nice.

XxINFERNUSxX1474d ago

Thanks, I'm just excited to see what nvidia has and want next gen :D
I usually sell my old tech here: https://sellgpu.com/?gclid=...

I rather go there than ebay.