Strangest Nintendo Marketing Promotion Ever?

If nothing else, it certainly marks one of the more creative marketing moves in the video game industry -- something Nintendo seems to have a knack for since Wii's inception.

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ScottBarkman4328d ago

Ya, I dunno about this Wii Music - its trying to grab a casual market crowed of a genre that is already owned by the casual market - just not gonna happen.

IanCube4328d ago

I still believe in Miyamoto's original concept behind the game--offering a music video game that is about the creativity behind music, and not simply hitting the correct buttons at the right time and scoring points.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Nintendo has put enough effort into creating a polished game to back up, what I believe, is a solid and fresh concept.

ChickeyCantor4327d ago

Exactly how i think about it, but i was pushed back as a Wii-fanboy >_>.
People keep comparing it to GH and RB while thy have different goals as software to a specific audience.

indiemike4327d ago

There really shouldn't be any comparison between GH/RB and Wii Music. It is unfortunate that the game hasn't seemed to turn out like it should, it seems like it had potential to be great, but it is as if they gave up on it.

I just think we shouldn't be tethering ourselves to what we think some games SHOULD be at times. Not all music games need to be like the top two successful ones. Yes, they are great, but I like diverse experiences. It's like Madden to me.