Playable PC Build of Dead Island 2 Leaks Online

A playable PC build of Dead Island 2 has surfaced online, giving us a deeper look into the original version developed by Yager Production.

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brianunfried969d ago

Looks worst than the demo from 5 years ago.

Profchaos969d ago

Probably from the same build

Razmiran969d ago

Its not possible because its the same demo

Minute Man 721969d ago

Waiting on this for like 8 years

Profchaos969d ago

The game lacked a direction it had no story and only existed around side quests and online co op it's not really surprising that it never materialised after dying light by the original dead island Devs after leaving deep Silver.

TheColbertinator969d ago

Dead Island 2 playable build spotted before Yandere Simulator is out XD

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