Target Contradicts Reggie, GameStop CEO, Promises Wii This Holiday

Contradicting earlier reports from Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime and GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo about an expected Holiday Wii shortage, Target says starting this Sunday they will have plenty of Wii and Wii Fit balance boards in stock--with no intentions of running out.

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Wizeguy214328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Regggieeeee! time to eat your chunky soup!!!
HAHA.. he's just covering his ass so then when you can't find a wii, you can't say he didn't warn you!

indiemike4328d ago

That's basically how the Wii keeps selling so well; with such small supplies, they may not have to do a price-drop for years to come...

IanCube4328d ago

Doubt they'll ever do a price drop, it just has too much steam behind the console and great branding...

Product4327d ago

@ IndieMike
Small demand?
you call selling 300-600,000 units a week just in america a small demand?

indiemike4327d ago

I never said there is a small demand, I said they keep SMALL SUPPLIES. There is a big difference. By keeping supplies limited, the demand is higher. Therefore the console will sell well over a longer timespan, delaying the possibility of a price drop. I'm talking about supply and demand.

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So Easy I Can Do It4328d ago

check your email, home beta!!!

Blasphemy4328d ago

I am not a PSU member but I just checked my email and I got in! Downloading now!

Vizion264327d ago

If you are implying Nintendo is limiting supply purposely then you are wrong, sir.

Think about it. The Wii is the fastest selling console ever (that's a fact) and Nintendo has increased production more than 3x. With that knowledge how in the world are they limiting supply to keep demand high?

indiemike4327d ago

You're right, they are upping production. There is no doubt about that. But I'm talking long-term. The Wii was limited to begin with, and the demand increased. Then they increased production for last holiday season, and the demand rose even more as they became limited again. I don't think they are producing less, by any means.

If I could revise what I said to include the fact that their supplies are closely monitored, I think you may see what I am implying. The marketing of the Wii has been outstanding, their supplies are no doubt part of that.