Report: Dead Island 2 Images Leak

New Dead Island 2 screenshots have surfaced from a leaked 2015 build.

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Lore974d ago

Gameplay loop and progression purpose will be a key factor, for me at least

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FlyingFoxy974d ago

For me L4D2 and then KF2 following behind, with Gmod zombie survival in there somewhere.

Did not like Dead Island, even more so all the needless camera sway.

Back 4 Blood is rumoured to be shown off in some form soon, so i look forward to it. There's also rumours of Valve doing something with L4D, but it might just be a port of L4D2 to Source 2.

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LordJamar974d ago

Dead island 2!!!???? 👀 Please I want it!! At this point it may be a next gen game only

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The story is too old to be commented.