GamesRadar: StarCraft II Preview

Ah, outrage. There's a caste of outspoken gamers who have the ability to treat the slightest deviation from exactly what they want as if gaming itself had just been outlawed. So it was when Blizzard suddenly revealed they are carving StarCraft II into three distinct parts, to be released when they're ready. "They're money-grabbing asshats!" shouted internet angries. "Er, aren't they just announcing the expansion packs before the game's release rather than after it? What's so bad about that?" said the rationals. Except they didn't say it, because they'd have been word-murdered if they did.

It was certainly a shock move and on paper it does look like Blizzard are simply withholding two singleplayer campaigns in the name of yet more spondoolies. They claim otherwise – it's apparently so they can build a massive and elaborate solo offering out of a game that many had dismissed as being only aimed at the RTS multiplayer hardcore. The facts, though, are these: the initial release of StarCraft II will have all three races available for multiplayer, but features just one campaign, for the human Terrans, called Wings of Liberty.

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