Project Cars 3 Is Directed By The Man Behind Driveclub

During the long years in which the Gran Turismo series was absent on PS4, Driveclub has been the Holy Grail for many racing fans on the console. Now part of its legacy is being revived in Project Cars 3.

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Community1499d ago
masterfox1499d ago

Holy!!, i'm oficially interested / hyped for PC3 now!!

Tear1111499d ago

Account me in

Driveclub was my best racing game ever, not even GT nor forza horizon could reach Driveclub quality

Sadly Sony didn't gave them a chance to fix there mistakes 💔

Gaming1011499d ago

This explains why PC3 is going sim-cade to appeal to everyone. I don't know how well this will be pulled off with the PC3 team. My hope is they keep it simulation but include optional things to make the cars handle easier like stability control to keep the cars from spinning like in Gran Turismo Sport, traction control and antilock brakes.

Then do a tuner menu where you can be as complex as you want or as simple, where you simply do a slider for over and understeer, increase or decrease gear ratios for accel/max speed, really simple for people who don't know anything. PC2 did this well, but it can be expanded for PC3.

This will allow the game to appeal to sim and arcade tastes.

mandingo1499d ago

Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport, and GT are all far superior games. Stop it.

Voodoopower731499d ago

They did give them chances, Motorstorms were all made by them and as much as I loved that series. The last one sold so poorly they gave them a chance with driveclub. But people seemed to be expecting more sim type racing from it and slated it for being arcady.

Evo dev told me PS4 Jaguar processors held it back from being 60fps. He said it was always 40-60fps. Shame it might have helped.

Dfooster1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I'm sorry but driveclub isnt even in the same league as gran turismo for anyone who's ever driven a car before. And even gran turismo is only semi- realistic. The handling in driveclub was atrocious and whats more the game only ran at 30fps. A massive no no in racing games. But if you are someone who likes over the top visuals then I can see how driveclub might have appealed to you.

1499d ago
CaptainCook1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Forza Horizon is open world, while Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports runs at 60fps, Driveclub 30fps.

Jon_Targaryen1498d ago

Youre shitting me right, Forza Horizon is basically Need for speed underground.. DriveClub is an arcade game that was average at best. the only good thing that DriveClub had going fro it was the time cycles during races.

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CaptainHenry9161498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Drive club graphics was the best I've had ever seen in a racer during that time

IRetrouk1499d ago

It will have a bit more flair than pc1 or 2, physics etc will be the same.

1498d ago
purple1011499d ago

Good news for most then haha

MajorLazer1499d ago

Acting like Gran Turismo isn't the highest selling exclusive racing franchise, despite being a sim. I say exclusive because NFS sells more sometimes but that's multi platform so not really a fair comparison.

IRetrouk1499d ago

Not really, it will look a bit flashier than the previous games, the physics system etc are all still there.

BenRC011498d ago

Good news for 99% of gamers then. Pc1/2 was garbage. Menus were so poorly designed, gameplay sterile and performance all over the shop. Like those crappy f1 gt mods from the 2000s.

Kumakai1499d ago

Bummer... I thought driveclub kinda sucked and was thin (so did the reviews) and project cars is a full sim and had so far been

Chaos_Order1499d ago

You're getting downvoted to oblivion but I honestly agree. I thought Driveclub was a huge letdown despite being a massive fan of their previous series, Motorstorm. (I even loved the somewhat maligned Apocalypse)
My favourite aspect of Project Cars was the handling and realism, though I felt it lacked a decent career mode and had some online issues. Now it seems like they've revamped the career and online but completely changed the handling. Hmm... :/

Ryzza51498d ago

You know how some arcade games add a "Hardcore" handling mode? Well pCARS 3 is doing the opposite. The simulation isn't going anywhere. There's just some casual options added on the side. Because those aspects are new and intended to get the biggest audience, it's being focused on by early marketing.

Sim racers are either too impatient to wait to find out more or worried about sharing their toys (multiplayer lobbies) with casual drivers.