The Top Ten Best PS4 Exclusives

KeenGamer: "Over the PS4's seven year lifespan, we've seen some truly incredible games from very talented developers. What better way to celebrate the winding down of a generation than to look back at these terrific games and pit them against each other?"'

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RazzerRedux335d ago

Persona 5 isn't a PS4 exclusive as it was on PS3.

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sin7279335d ago

And ps3 is not playstation?

RazzerRedux335d ago

Article title: "The Top Ten Best PS4 Exclusives"

Elda335d ago

It's a Sony PS exclusive. P5 can not be played on a XB or a Nintendo console nor PC. P5 Royal is solely a PS4 exclusive.

RazzerRedux335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

All true statements. Unfortunately the article didn't list P5 Royal at all. It explicitly referenced Persona 5 (2017). Calling P5 a PS4 exclusive is simply incorrect.

remixx116335d ago

Your kinda splitting hairs but ok...

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blue88335d ago

Take persona 5 and gravity rush off the list and replaced them two with days gone and concrete genie.

Jrios355335d ago

Can't tell if you're being serious or not.

SegaSaturn669335d ago

Both of those I was thinking of buying in this sale, but they'll definitely be on PSPLUS at some point.

bouzebbal335d ago

Don't wait long for days gone it's an awesome game

remixx116335d ago can't be serious

King_Noctis335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Uhh no. Persona 5 is one of the best JRPG this gen (if not the best). Day Gone is just another open world game that we have seen so many times before.

Gravity Rush and Concrete Genie are gems though.

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time2die335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

How can this possibly not include The Last of us for petes Sake.....Half of them game would not be on my top 50,gravity rush and Spiderman.....Give me a Break,good games but top 10 exclusives i dont think so ? Granted The Last of us started on a P3 but come on get a grip...

And were is Horizon zero Dawn come to think of it...

KilluaX3335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Horizon Zero Dawn is not a Sony PlayStation 4™ exclusive. https://store.steampowered....

neutralgamer1992335d ago

here we go can you play it on pc? has it been available on pc since launch? can you enjoy the game on pc as of today? so yes until it releases it is exclusive. I for one am happy it's coming to pc because i started late but i think it became my favorite game this gen and coming to pc means more gamers will get to enjoy it and the franchise exposure will increase

Silly gameAr335d ago

Well, to steal a MS term it's "console exclusive".

RazzerRedux335d ago

Technically, it is until you can actually buy it on Steam, which you can't yet.

RosweeSon335d ago

Because it was a top ps3 exclusive at the time. It’s a great game no disputes but there’s enough PS4 exclusives to fill a list without having to use ps3 ports sure last of us 2 would be on it from next month but we’re not there just yet haha. Not long now. Agreed on horizon tho. I liked gravity rush 1 but not played 2 yet I’d prob take it off tho chuck on Horizon and replace persona with days gone for me not a big RPG fan myself. May have to check persona out at some point tho. Uncharted 4 for bloodborne 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ 😜✌🏻😂

Dragonscale335d ago

Because iits not a PS4 exclusive maybe.

brando008335d ago

I was hoping to see Days Gone on the list. Such a great game.

StormSnooper335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

My thoughts exactely. How can they leave it off? It was great.

Minute Man 721335d ago

Well according to reviews it's average score was 71. You know those "reviews" that fanboys use as the be all end all

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StormSnooper335d ago

I thought the reviews were not really reflective of how good/enjoyable the game was. But 71 isn’t technically a bad score. I would have given it over 9. But I can see how someone else could give it less.

RazzerRedux335d ago

@Minute Man 721

Seems you refer to metacritic when it is convenient while chiding those who do exactly what you are doing now.

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Tacoboto335d ago

God of War, Spider-Man, Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy both, Infamous: Second Son, Shadow of the Colossus Remake (I'm counting it), Ratchet & Clank (it's a remake too), Bloodborne, and The Last Guardian represent my Top 9 true-exclusives. I'll be playing Infamous First Light this summer so I'm sure that, TLOU2, and GoT will shape that even more. If I included the PS4-PC games, heck yeah all Horizon, Death Stranding, FFVII Remake and even Nioh would make the Top 10.

But... I'm keeping Days Gone off that list. That atrocious writing can't stand next to Sony's top-tier. The great motorcycle control and riding would've made Deacon's incessant grunting more tolerable if I didn't have to refill the tank between every village that's not even a mile apart.

bouzebbal335d ago

Atrocious? Second Son writing is great? Wow!
That game has it all.. Big world, intensity, melee, gun fight,

ClayRules2012335d ago

I agree, buddy!

The world was very rich in detail, and I too loved spending time exploring, looting homes, and just taking so much time away from the main missions. The weather effects were something else. I was amazing by the snow collecting on the ground, and overtime at time. And the rain and storm, and wind effects were amazing too. I loved seeing the trees blowing in the wind. It really just blew me the heck away. And that’s awesome to hear its your favorite game of this generation. While not my favorite (that goes to God of War) it’ll go down as one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences i’ve had this generation. And no disagreements here, about Deacon’s character, he was a joy to watch grow into the man he became later on. He did care and his heart was good.

While I found it to be a bit rough around the edges, it’s still a really really good game, and a blast to play, especially against those huge hordes of Freakers!! And yeah, major props to the audio in the game!

ClayRules2012335d ago

Well, I’m glad to hear your back to playing it again, and enjoying it that much more now with the change buddy!

Tacoboto335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

The writing in Second Son I didn't mind, and that game took under 20 hours to 100%. It was Deacon's overall behavior and tone, and the writing all around it for the 60-70+ hours this game is.

Rikki went out of her way to bring him into their camp. He acted annoyed and irritated every time she buzzed him on the radio. He came to her, needed her, but he acted bratty the entire game toward her. Unless it was his mission where he needed her again. He acted the same way toward the scientist guy throughout the entire game as well. Seeing these other characters continue to help Deacon and for him to be mad and bitter got to me. I didn't see or feel any growth from him.

I did finish it. The feel of the bike, the environment. I loved the world and that kept me involved despite the small annoyances (every camp uses credits at the same exchange rate... But those credits are only usable at that camp), the medium ones (gas goes way too quickly and very low ammo limits that take too long to upgrade), and the story/acting/basic writing that I'll agree to disagree on

ClayRules2012335d ago

Wow, atrocious writing? I respectfully disagree, completely.

I don’t believe the writing is atrocious. And, you should have an understanding that not “EVERY” Sony exclusive is going to be top tier in writing or across the board along the levels of say Naughty Dog & Sony Santa Monica. It’s just not going to happen, and that’s okay. Bend hasn’t made a console game in so long, yet they were given the opportunity to create Days Gone, and fan reception was great. People have really loved & enjoyed the game that’s on offer. Do I think it has the most likable character I’ve ever experienced with Deacon as the lead, no. But that doesn’t matter. I wasn’t expecting that. He’s a likable character in general, as are the other characters you meet like Boozer and I’ll just leave it at that, no spoilers for those who haven’t played.

Also, the little grunts and dialogue he gave before entering camps in combat or just random things he’d say while I was driving adding to the experience “in my opinion” And the refilling the gas tank (while annoying at times) also had me rethink my strategy and how I’d traverse the world, and required me to be more mindful of the situations I would put myself into before going out into the unforgiving world. Once I really thought things through and planned things out better, refilling the gas tank became no longer an annoyance. And the times I’d run out’ve gas, some really interesting things would happen, like getting attacking by Freakers or humans on the road or in the woods, and i had to think fast. It was fun. And a mile apart, no, didn’t have that issue.

bouzebbal335d ago

To me was how rich the world of Days Gone is.. I loved to stop by a village or a house to loot. I end up using an hour there and forgetting about the main mission. Just collecting stuff is a pleasure to do. The game has a flawless sound, and should I mention the weather effects and rainy storm all of a sudden with the trees and nature moving so dynamically.. Given the fact Bend studios hasn't made any AAA in a long time and what they've achieved with DG made it my favorite game of this gen. And Deacon is a badass with a good heart.. I absolutely loved his personality, you can feel his suffering all along, like when he has to take tough decision to end someone's life when they are suffering.
It has some flaws, but overall amazing experience.

bouzebbal335d ago

I actually started playing it in December.. I stopped playing it for a while cause I was waiting for the back button attachment because getting life with left d pad and sprinting with l3 want comfortable.. Back button just made it that more enjoyable!!

Knushwood Butt335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Days Gone was my favourite game of 2019.

Maybe not perfect, but I really don't have any complaints about it. Great post-launch support too.

I beat it twice, and plan to do a third now I have an HDR TV.

I'm currently doing a NG+ very hard run on Horizon, and to be honest it's an unchallenging chore.

Horizon also has a lot of weird audio issues, with music suddenly cutting in and out, and weird spacial issues with things sounding close when they are far away, and dialogue sounding like it comes from somewhere that the speaker isn't.

Also, the weather in Horizon was just like this place is dusty, this place is snowy, etc where the more dynamic weather in Days Gone was way better and sometimes had a real effect on the gameplay.

I'm not into motorbikes or biker culture but it was interesting to get some insight into that and different too. Riding the bike was fun. I think I fast travelled like 2 times in total taking into account 2 full playthroughs of the game, where in Horizon I fast travel whenever I can.

Horizon is still very good, but I'll take Days Gone thanks.

Roll on Days Gone 2!

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