1Up Show: Killzone 2, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Mortal Kombat vs. DC

This week on the 1UP Show 1Up gets hands on with the Killzone 2 multiplayer beta and give impressions of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Tomb Raider Underworld. How good is Killzone 2's multiplayer? Will they forget about past Mortal Kombats after playing MK vs. DC? Is Tomb Raider's gameplay just as hot as the new Lara Croft?

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xhi43831d ago

best looking single player

best looking multiplayer

and best looking gameplay I've seen in a shooter for a console in my opinion.

With God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Infamous and fair few others soon after......I don't know how I'm going to cope =(

xhi43831d ago

I remember watching his impression about the Gears of War 2 and he's like IT NEARLY MADE ME CRY IT HAD EVERYTHING, EMOTION, GRAPHICS, GUNS AND EPICNESS...............

Then Killzone 2 comes and he complains about Killzone being too realistic.

OBVIOUSLY Mate its not an ARCADE SHOOTER like Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4.

Aren't games SUPPOSED TO BE realistic?

Bloody hell.

Mu5afir3831d ago

I don't know who this tool is.. but the controls are solid. S--t, they are almost the same layout as COD4. This moron must not have played the game long enough to get costumed to the controls.

KZ2 will PWN!

Kleptic3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

while I am not taking offense to what Ellis I am in the beta and KNOW that it completely destroys every other shooter to date imo...I am only pissed that he basically lied about the controls...

if you jack the sensitivity all the way up, you can reel your character around in half a second...that is plenty of time to get out of a situation if someone gets the jump on you from behind...that is assuming they suck...but the point is, only arcade shooters like halo or resistance let you take enough damage to even spin around in the first place...Cod 4 sure didn't, yet this guy makes it sound that way...

and the 'guns feel too realistic'...thats a crybaby dig because he sucked at the game...the EcoTech sight on the M82g allows you to put a pinpoint bullet almost anywhere you want...and 1 headshot kills you from ANY gun...disadvantage to scouts with the .50 cal?...only when you are out of range...I have picked off plenty of scouts with the m82g, which one of the 2 guns available immediately...

and lastly, the controls again...I have no idea where he heard "guerilla claims they won't change them"...wrong on every level...there is a massive thread on the beta forum with opinions on the controls, and Guerilla has confirmed customizable button layouts for the full release, more sensitivity options, and hopefully the big one...toggling crouch, and 'hold to aim down sight'...which are the opposite right now...they have not once said 'we like how it plays now and don't want to change anything'...they have always said since day 1 'we want anyone to be able to enjoy this game without too much time investment, which means nearly endless options for controls and classes'...

so the dude didn't like the gameplay...good for him...he didn't like it because he 'didn't have enough time to play it' and sucked apparently...thats not the games fault...nice to see him admit that the game looks incredible though...I figured he would just skip that part...

Lifendz3831d ago

e.g., Garnett and that guy you spoke of, are mad at Sony cuz Sony doesn't send over food like MS does. Take what they say knowing it's from a broke hungry fat guy. Anyway to knock KillZone 2 is going to be the new name of the game.

barom3831d ago

Lmao, relax guys. It's just one guys opinion. To be fair, David Ellis praised the graphics and said it was the best console-wise. That's big coming from a guy who loves Gears Of War 2. If he didn't like the controls, then he didn't like the controls.

He's not the tactical shooter type anyway. The games he love are Gears Of War 2, Resistance 2, Halo 3, Call Of Duty 4. Which are all basically run n gun and I by no is saying that's a bad thing. But the controls do look quite different for KZ2 from the video so I think his statement "might" be fair. But from the sound of it, you guys (above who are in the beta) likes it and the other guy didn't complain so nothing to worry about no?

Anyway David Ellis was not the guy who said Gears 2 gave him an emotional ride. In fact he even said straight out saying "no, that's not true" (or something along those lines) when the guy who said it said it.

As for Garnett Lee. I think his points are valid. I mean lets face it. Him and David Ellis was not the only ones complaining about the singleplayer, read the other reviews and read forums posts and you'll see that a lot of people share the same opinion. Pretty much everyone found the single player to be good or okay, in turn everyone praised the multiplayer (includes both David Ellis and Garnett Lee btw, check last weeks 1up yours). So yea don't be so quick to judge. They aren't total fanboys.

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jwatt3831d ago

I was actually waiting for somebody to give some negatives about the Killzone Beta. For the people that are in the beta can you honestly tell me what you think of the controls? From what I've seen, I like the realism in that you have to work hard for a kill but do y'all agree with the one guy that the controls need to be tweaked?

I want honest opinions because I have a feeling I won't get in to the beta.

ghostface3831d ago

You defiantly need to get use to the control, but it's not like it's destroys the game play. Actually it makes it better if you ask me. It's not a run an gun tap of game play like COD4. If anything it feels more like GEARS OF WAR except for the lack of cover.

Rock Bottom3831d ago

I don't think it should be tweaked, it's what they wanted it to be, you can't just run around shooting and expect to do some head shots, you will have top and aim, it's more on the strategic side.

But on thing for sure, this control is defiantly not for everyone...

Mu5afir3831d ago

The controls are perfect for me, and I DO NOT LIKE FPS games.. The pace of the game is slower, it is not a "run and gun" like most FPS. You can NOT "run and gun" in KZ2. It might take a beginner some time to adjust to the speed of the game, but once you get used to it.. you will be hooked.

I can't tell you much in details because of NDA.
But trust me, that moron has no clue.

ngg123453831d ago

Whoever that fat guy stating that he tried to like it, is plain out bsing. I mean he seemed to be the loudest fanboy this generation. But it is 1up xbox 360 bias versus Shane Kim (super ps3 fanboy). There aren't any really neutral people

TOO PAWNED3831d ago

Lol Shane Kim is that Asian guy that work for Microsoft, you ment to say Shane Bentehauzen

Lifendz3831d ago

he just seems that way when the rest of the staff are 360 fanboys. When the whole crew slams PS3 games for one thing, and someone else slams an MS game for the same thing, it seems bias but he's really just showing them that they have a double standard.

beast3831d ago

Well he doesnt like the controls, but he also state thats because they are like real guns. So i cant blame him for not liking the style. As realism requires skillz and he perfers COD4 noob friedly way.

And KZ2 to be the best looking console game... remember its a beta version of a MP

ngg123453831d ago

It was when the person said this was a really good shooter, and then stated the game was terrible.

Panthers3831d ago

Well we know 1Up will give the game a 80 or lower.

yoghurt3831d ago

the 'larger' gentleman clearly does not WANT to like this game atall, this to me just gives me video evidence of why some sites review games lower than they really deserve. Blatantly just not liking certain things for the sake of it. Just got the new OPM today, hey have received a new build and they say it actually LOOKS BETTER than the 2005 video and kick back etc has been tweaked AND Guarilla are actually taking the teams comments seriously and making changes if required - they still have 3 months guys and gals

derek3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

"The larger gentleman"

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