Gioteck JC-20 'Joy-Con' Controller (Switch) - Some Joy, No Con

Gioteck JC-20 once again proves the prolific accessory maker can produce controllers laden with great ideas. Said ideas, however, fall flat in execution.

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WillDoubleJ62d ago

I'm glad to see that not all third party controllers lack any semblance of redeeming qualities.

ChristianReggieWait62d ago

It's a good attempt, I'll give them that

joejoejoe62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It'd be nice if someone would make Joy-Cons designed for normal use. The design made by Nintendo which everyone copies is designed to accomodate sideways single Joy-Con multiplayer and is absolutely awful when playing single player games.

ChristianReggieWait62d ago

Gioteck come so close but miss the bar due to button and thumbstick placement. It's a shame!