Dishonored's director believes Weird West is his biggest game

During a video interview about his rock band "Weird Wolves", Raphaël Colantonio, founder of Arkane Studios, and director of Dishonored, and Prey tells Wassup Conversations that his new project Weird West might be his biggest game. He mentions: "You'll see what we do with Weird West, it's a huge game, it might actually be my biggest game, but it doesn't take 200 people to make." Furthermore, he mentions a lot of new details about this upcoming ARPG.

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hercules_314d ago

Is it true that Dishonored IP has been shelved forever after the sales performance of the second game?

Forger314d ago

No. Last week they said the franchise is still alive.

toxic-inferno314d ago

I don't remember seeing anything about poor sales performance! Did it really perform so poorly?

All I remember is having an absolute blast with it! It's a fantastic game!

ArchangelMike314d ago

Yep, Dishonoured 2 sales were down on teh first game. Bethesda lainched the game to close to juggernaught that is Call of Duty, and then they refused to provide early review codes to game journalists, so there we're no early reviews.

ArchangelMike314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Well iirc Dishonoured 2 launched a week after Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Bethesda refused to provide review copies. So naturally sales we're alot lower than the first game, becasue of all the negative hype that surrounded the "no review codes" fiasco.

A simlar thing happened with Prey (which is an absolutely phenomenal game), Bethesda refused to send out early review codes. And surprise, surprise that game didn't sell well either.

SO yeah, you have Bethesda to blame.

plainview1030314d ago

Yet again the sales are not bad. Prey and Dishonoured were both profitable.

AK91314d ago

Are we ignoring he also directed Prey (2017)? Either way I'm looking forward to this project of his.