Playstation 5 Enables Developers to Skip LOD Step Due to SSD Capability

Epic Games and Mooneye Studios CEO Tobias Graff stated that the PlayStation 5 SSD will be so powerful that it will enable developers to skip the LOD step.

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Software_Lover35d ago

“Just as with the normal maps, this step can likely be skipped completely for a lot of objects as well. The SSDs are probably the true heroes in all this, because all of the other features likely wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t possible to load these huge models and information sets fast enough.”

Just in case anyone was wondering.

My take: This coming GEN, any part of a game engine designed for the SSD, ps5 will do it better. Any part of the game engine dealing with GPU resources, xsx will do it better. End of story.

SamPao35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Thing is. The architecture of the ps5 just DOES things fast. You would have to intentially slow it down because its automatic.
Thats how I understood it

UltraNova35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah most people focus just on the SSD speed(I guess it's easier to understand) not realizing that it's the ps5's general design with smart and efficient SoC controllers for almost everything allowing never before seen IO throughout levels of which the SSD is just a part of.

I'm really excited to see what Sony 1st party can achieve next gen!

Here's a game developer's analysis on the PS5 deep dive by Cerny for anyone interested:

Software_Lover35d ago

If the PS5 and XSX had the same spped SSD would we be having this discussion?

They both have similar architecture just different names for it. Sony allocated more resources to their SSD throughput, Microsoft allocated for faster memory (smaller pool) and stronger gpu. BC pack, Kraken, it’s all the same.

Like I said. I don’t expect major differences between the two. People will look hard to try and find them but they will be miniscule. Both SSD’s are multiple times faster than the capabilities of the current consoles storage solutions and will help to raise minimum requirements for PC gaming. They will also allow for devs to maybe design games differently now that the minimum HDD speed and I/O throught has been changed.

Everyone is looking for an edge of their favorite toy. I get that. I just think that both sides are going to be in for a big disappointment if they are expecting drastic differences.

Games1st35d ago

PS5 is built around the SSD.

Boxing198535d ago

Not so sure about that. They aren't mutually exclusive. The ssd will work in tandem with the gpu and ram allowing improved efficiency of both.


I'm very interested too see how big of a difference it will make to LOD/Asset streaming in open world games. I'm expecting a huge difference vs old consoles even if developers have been really good hiding LOD transitions with ~80MB/s hard drives.

Shane Kim35d ago

Hehe your word is somehow law? You haven't seen anything yet.

Hakuoro35d ago

Well, it's not that cut and dry, the SSD can allow the GPU and CPU to do less work. Just for example the CPU has to process LOD and manage when to change the textures then the GPU has to load and render and post process those changes. By reducing cycles for those workloads you can use them for other things.

So again as we have seen numerous devs state PlayStation maybe be able to perform better relatively than it's specific terraflops may suggest. Terraflops is just a number there is a lot more going on to put the image on the screen other than strictly the number of CU.

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derek35d ago

Seemingly fair take. But all games this upcoming generation will be designed around the ssd and gpu there is no getting around that.

OB1Biker35d ago

I think X has an advantage for cross gen games but PS5 was designed to take full advantage of next gen games based on SSD streaming.

Games1st35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It's SSD vs pc HDD, since Xbox has to make pc versions. SSD changes how developers make games, less time wasting and more first party and third party, via Unreal Engine 5 waiving the first million for PS5 games.

GPU depends on the whole system and requires real time testing.

FyBy35d ago

No, its just a beginning and you will be surprised.

milohighclub35d ago

The thing is ps5 can load the gpu resources faster

Cleaver level design, culling methods and all the talent over at naughty dog will ensure the best looking games are still playstation exclusives.

Minute Man 72135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@ Software

I bet we won't be able to tell any difference with both consoles SSDs

Edit : never mind. You already know

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aaronaton35d ago

This should save on space. I just feel like 3rd party developers won't bother though to keep parity between other platforms.

phoenixwing35d ago

Then it's probably a good thing Sony has devs making exclusives

OB1Biker35d ago

Idk. That sounds like saying they wont bother using a faster memory. It would be more of a hassle to try not to use it.

Games1st35d ago

It's easier to develop on a PS5 with OS for one system and SSD, they could just scale back for other platforms.

Minute Man 72135d ago

There was no parity between Snes n Genesis, ps3 n 360 (360 mulitplats looked better), no parity between ps4 n xo (ps4 multiplats looks better) but for some reason we gonna have parity this upcoming gen?

aaronaton35d ago

Parity via design, Xbox Ones and Series X will hold the PS5 back with 3rd party.

RazzerRedux34d ago

And the differences have diminished as we have moved from one generation to the next. You used to be able to see the difference in games at first glance. Now we need DF to tell us what is different.

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stuna135d ago

I think if your put the speed of PS5's SSD in context if its competition by measuring it in distance 1,000 miles for the PS5 would be like 500 miles for it competitor. That's a glaring difference.

chiefJohn11735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

But it's a relay race not a sprint. You got other components that work with the SSD. So ps5 1st runner (SSD) makes it to runner 2 first but Xboxs runner 2 and runner 3 are faster than PS5s.

stuna135d ago

That what's being talked about here! But looking at other component in the PS5 also show that PS5 will keep in step with everything so called runner 2 and runner 3 have to offer, but won't have to stop for a drink of water.

Games1st35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Xbox overclock is full on sprinting, they will get really hot and noisy. They will be huffing and puffing the whole way. They have a silent fan, less noise will reduce efficiency and seems impractical for something going 100%.

RamRod8835d ago

Or use an example realistic to the situation such as 3 seconds vs 6 seconds loading a game or 2.5 seconds vs 5 seconds, but I know that ruins your analogy of making Ps5 seem WAY faster

stuna135d ago

Not really, because even incrementally it all plays out the same!

xenz35d ago

Its not just about loading

chiefJohn11735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

No it doesn't lots of thing play out to ameven reach 1000 miles such as exhaustion/gas etc. It's overclock it's not pushing full on unlimitedly without needing a drink of water

RamRod8835d ago

It does play out the same, but it's certainly not this "glaring difference" you make it out to be.

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chiefJohn11735d ago

With slower parts and a variable clock rate? ....sure bud

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