The Legend of Zelda: Why Midna Is Link's BEST Companion

The Legend of Zelda series has seen Link team up with many different companions over the years, but Midna is by far the most unique and useful.

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Knightofelemia378d ago

Wish Nintendo brought Twilight Princess HD to the Switch

TheGamez100378d ago

Seriously they need to bring a zelda collection that contains wind waker and skyward sword too. I don't even care if they were all sold separately....$40 max each nintendo...
And bring Xenoblade X while your at it.

Double_O_Revan378d ago

'40 max each Nintendo'
LOL! Do you know what company you're talking too?!

meganick377d ago

They should make two collection packs. One with Twilight Princess, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. The other with Ocarina, Majora and A Link Between Worlds.

AK91377d ago

I actually agree and honestly much preferred her over Zelda especially after the big the reveal towards the end of the game.