Thunderbolt Games Review Resistance 2

Sean Kelley, Thunderbolt: It must be extremely tiring to be Lieutenant Nathan Hale, after single handedly quelling the Chimeran invasion of England he's back to war in Resistance 2. Curiously, the Chimeran didn't take kindly to their plans being foiled during the fall of man, so they've followed Lt. Hale home to the United States. Although Lt. Hale had the bright spot of a promotion between the two conflicts, he's also learned that he has an extremely advanced stage of the Chimeran infection. Rather than dispose of Lt. Hale and other soldiers like him, the US military has decided to play with fire by creating a specific unit of these soon-to-be-enemies. Hale and his team of Sentinels have their work cut out for them as they fight to liberate their homeland.

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vitz33833d ago

Edge is looking more stupid by the minute. 6/10 WTF?

cmrbe3833d ago

this gen. Before all this hoopla about game rankings and AAA crap on metacritic i only relied on G.I and IGN. Even then i still only browse their reviews to find more about a game and see weather i might like it.

Its interesting that they (EDGE) gave R2 a 6 when IGN gave it a 9.5.

The game itself i would rate a 9.6. Its very unfortunate if FPS fans would not buy R2 because some sites gave it a 6. How some people give it anything less than an 8 is really hard for me to understand.