Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to be Offered as a Service with Samsung TVs

Connectivity and ecosystem. Those are two things we continue to discuss because that’s where the future of gaming is headed. It seems that Xbox could be taking yet another step towards expanding their offering in the very near future. S

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timotim178d ago

Keep doing what you do Team Xbox! Power moves.

Godmars290177d ago

Keep doing what Sony tried to do?

Spurg177d ago

Tried indeed but alas they couldn't sell it because ps now is trash.

crazyCoconuts177d ago

PS now is trash? Oh yea? Well xCloud is. ..oh wait. XCloud hasn't even released yet....

timotim177d ago

XGP is more successful than PS Now for a reason. The #DayOnes, first party support on multiple platforms, Microsoft Azure and more relevant quality games that gamers care about play key factors. While Sony did hop on this bandwagon before Microsoft, its the latter that has executed on a more cohesive vision. It was Sony that backed away from this position when they should have expanded, but im sure their lack of infrastructure played a role in area where Microsoft is doing quite a bit of expansion in.

crazyCoconuts177d ago

Power moves, but slowly... flashback to 2015:
Time will tell if Xbox can make it stick

Godmars290176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

"more relevant quality games that gamers care about play key factors."

What relevant quality games?

I should have more to say, but truth is I'm tired of this crap. Everything MS announces something versus following through, someone in their fan camp pronounces it a major win.

And then it follows through, often falling on its ass.

Sure, their online infrastructure performs well, but they've only been working towards that day-one. Meanwhile, more often than not they have to "happen" upon 3rd party titles they buy into first only to proceed to ground those new studios to nothing of note. Can't make 1st party.

So again: where are these "relevant quality games"?

WTF does that even mean given that you're talking about the general market.

timotim176d ago

"What relevant quality games?"

Well...the #DayOnes and somewhat more recent released games of course. Tons of examples of this...Gears Tactics, Ori 2, Minecraft Dungeons, Streets of Rage 4, Sea of Thieves, Gears 5, MechWarrior 5, MCC on PC, Yakuza series on Xbox, Wasteland 3 that gamers care about playing relatively close to or on launch.

yomfweeee176d ago

Keep giving away UGP for pennies? That is the only way they have been able to get people onto Game Pass. This has nothing to do with an app on Samsung like you all are making it out to be.

Godmars290176d ago

I asked for 1st party games and you mention something like Streets of Rage 4 which MS has nothing to do with. Similar to Mech Warrior and Yakuza. I specifically chided their reliance on 3rd party.

Why did you even bother replying?

timotim176d ago

I'm talking about the success of XGP as a whole though haha. Its success isn't just due to first party...but considering that XGS's titles are guaranteed to hit the service #DayOne and remain for years, then it is ONE OF the key factors like I mentioned in my original reply. And the majority of games I mentioned are XGS titles anyway which is first party. When I said "more relevant quality games that gamers care about" I was referring to both first AND third party why would I then exclude them when going into more detail??? I'm not sure exactly what youre getting at, but the fact that EVERY first party title from XGS will be on the service #DayOne is reason enough for a lot of people to sub to the service as again, gamers want to play relevant games close to or on the day these games launch.

Godmars290176d ago

XPG exists. It needs what first party titles MS can manage to make it appealing, but it needs 3rd party to be of any real worth.

That it can exist without the console its suppose to compliment is something else. A not good indicator of the console itself.

timotim175d ago

Its working so far with over 10 million subs for the service...dont see any reason why that would change. In fact, I see it only getting better with xCloud being phased into Game Pass.

"A not good indicator of the console itself."

LOL...most of the people who subscribe to XGP does so from a console! Expanding this to other platforms would only increase subscriptions, no?

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chiefJohn117177d ago

Wow, I called it, i said MS should partner up with mobile phone services and offer Gamepass. Not a phone but close enough lol

Locutus_of_borg177d ago

Until i saw the looting taking place thats been on the news lately due to a tragic event, i can honestly say ive never seen anyone walking down the high street having a conversation with a tv ...

chiefJohn117177d ago

Lol have you seen the size of some of these new phones? Mini tvs

Tacoboto177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Samsung and Microsoft mentioned something a while ago about a gaming partnership with the Cloud that they're going to detail later in the year, and they've done a lot of shared marketing together since the early days of the 360 (all Xbox 360 kiosks included Samsung TVs for example, and the MS Stores sell Galaxy phones).

If I'm to guess, Microsoft will bundle Game Pass with xCloud in the next Galaxy Note and run bundles on the existing S20s for xCloud's formal launch

mcstorm177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Yep I see this happening and the TV also getting the xcloud app to. One advantage Microsoft have over Sony in terms of working with 3rd partys. Next gen looking very interesting.

Tacoboto177d ago

Yep, MS has a better chance at partnering with any of the other TV companies and phone makers since Sony's a competitor in those industries too.

chiefJohn117177d ago

I'm getting the note 20 too so that would be good news for me. I wonder if it's a discount or is it just an exclusive deal where it's only on that brands platform

SocialDanny123177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I don't think many people realise how much of a disadvantage Sony is at partnering with device makers and the consequences it will have on the future growth of PSNow.

In the streaming market, exposure is key and Microsoft potentially bundling Game Pass with Smart TVs, TV boxes, mobile devices are a BIG advantage.

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Vits177d ago

Likely in preparation for the XCloud and don't think they will limit themselves to TVs. Smartphones and TV boxes are also likely to be bundled with it.

It would be cool as heck if Nintendo allowed it on the Switch. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

NeoGamer232177d ago

Nintendo can't even run a decent gaming network never mind streaming through the cloud.

I love Nintendo but they would have to partner with a really cloud player to make this happen.

Vits177d ago

I'm not talking about Nintendo providing their own streaming service. I'm talking about them allowing the XCloud to be accessible from the Swtich.

SLiSH83177d ago

Let MS handle the infrastructure
Let Sony build the console
Nintendo makes the games

*all 3 would make games for the unified console.

phoenixwing177d ago

If my internet wasn't so terrible I might be swayed by these online streaming things but I'll just stick with Sony ps5 instead

Darkborn177d ago

I think eventually streaming will be the way, but that's at least 10 years off and even then for sure they will have input lag and servers being down and stuff that just makes it not as desirable.

phoenixwing177d ago

I live out in the country so it'll be probably longer for me. 5g causes cancer so that's out for me

phoenixwing177d ago

everyone disagreeing with me can go ahead and just search 5g causes cancer and they'll find evidence or at least warning articles about it but yeah go ahead and disagree with me. give this a read before you think i'm making it up https://blogs.scientificame...

SocialDanny123177d ago

How is this different from local gameplay? Local gameplay suffers from the same problem.

monkey602177d ago

Wouldnt be the first time Samsung and Microsoft have run promotions here. We had a deal running in work about 2 years ago when you bought a select Samsung TV you got a free Xbox One S

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