Xbox 360 Premium with hard drive: $150. Feelin' lucky? writes: "While the Xbox 360 Arcade model is only $200, it doesn't come with a hard drive. That may not bother casual gamers, but the heavy downloader or the Rock Band fiend won't be happy at all. Luckily, Tiger Direct has the deal for you: the refurbished Xbox 360 Premium system with the 20GB hard drive is now on sale for $150.

While Tiger Direct isn't our favorite retailer, and I can see how some people may be a little hesitant at buying a refurbished 360, you can't deny that price... it's a great deal. Be sure to read up on the information Tiger Direct provides about refurbished products to make sure you're comfortable, but I can see these moving very quickly.

It's great to see so many great deals on hardware out there right now; being a gamer on a budget is getting easier and easier. Should we use this as an excuse to say that Sony needs to lower the price on the PS3 again?

Yes, I think so."

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Nineball21123838d ago

Basically for the price of 2 games, you get an Xbox with a 20GB hard drive...

That'd be hard to pass up I think.

RRoDReaper3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

But I work so many hours each week
If only there were fewer owners out there :(

poopface13838d ago

but this could be a good deal for me, since I still have a 300-400 dollar warrenty from bestbuy from my old 360. buy this one, break it(or let it break itself) then get a brand new 60gig/or elite/or Ps3. Wow what a great scam I have.

BrianC62343838d ago

But it's used so no warranty and you know it will end up with the RROD. Does Tiger warranty it at least? I wouldn't recommend buying a used 360 at all.

Thrusting Duffman3838d ago

Bubble for you for being thoughtful!

fishd3838d ago

Buying a brand new 360 is like playing Russian roulette with 3 chambers and one bullet,now buying a refurbished 360 is like...

IdleLeeSiuLung3838d ago

Heck of a deal unless you get a dud.... I would never buy a refurbished 360. That's like buying a salvaged cards at a premium.

$200-300 for new Xbox, $150 for used. Between 75% to 50% off original cost.... When was the last time you saw a salvaged rebuilt car for 50% of the original cost?

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Nikkelz3838d ago

good job posting this,im sure people would appreciate hearing this,especially gamers on a budget

peace and game on

Nineball21123838d ago

Just doing my part to spread the gaming goodness!

pp3838d ago

Awesome deal for all the poor droids out their it's a great time to jump in.

IzKyD13313838d ago

thats funny you calling PS3 owners poor since our console costs more than yours idiot

BLUR1113838d ago

That's cause it's a blu ray player and thats why it even sold

ambientFLIER3838d ago

They are poor BECAUSE they bought the PS3...

elorm93838d ago

I'm poor because of the great titles I bought this season

ambientFLIER3838d ago

elorm9: did buying wipeout really bankrupt you?

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lokiroo4203838d ago

What kind of warranty comes with this? I dont know about buying from these guys.

Thrusting Duffman3838d ago

Hmmm, my 360 is dying and i wouldnt mind an hdmi port. But if its a refurb, i might as well just stick with my already dying 360 and hope it dies before my warranty expires.

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