Sega Promises to "Aim for Greater Heights" With Emotional Mission Video on Its 60th Anniversary

Today Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary and to celebrate, the publisher released a new video portraying its mission.

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sushimama234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Hmm this doesn't seem to be the kind of video you'd be putting out if your company was going to get 'bought out'.

Maybe the June 4th Famitsu reveal will be a new console from them, or maybe not. Who knows. I refuse to believe the 'big scoop' was a micro GameGear handheld.

Abriael234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Of course they're not going to get bought out. I'm surprised anyone ever believed that bullcrap. Any site that repeated that should be derided from here to 2080 when Sega will have it's 120th anniversary.
I may be wrong, but I expect the "big scoop" to be more of an overview of Sega's plans for the 60th anniversary with an exclusive interview with the CEO.

From a journalist's point of view, it matches the style of Wired's PS5 article and it is a pretty large journalistic scoop, and if I had that kind of opportunity, I'd be pretty damn excited. I've been trying to interview Satomi-san for years. I don't expect big further announcements, but may be wrong. Famitsu's out in a few hours anyway, if it doesn't leak earlier.

sushimama234d ago

An overview for their upcoming plans sounds awesome. Maybe their future gaming plans. I mean as a company like SEGA and the amount of gaming IP they own, how could you not look at the projects CAPCOM have completed like RE2:Remake and think, "We can do this kind of thing. Make our IP relevant again. Nostalgia can be capitalized on".

I hope you're correct. It'd be cool if they did a console though lol

Abriael234d ago

Turned out the "big scoop" it's their own form of cloud streaming based on arcade hardware to keep them working during off hours. Big deal lol.

I'll reserve judgement until I read the actual article (for now there's only a leak), but yeah... this was crazy overhyped for almost nothing.

sushimama234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

For the Famitsu writer, this is bordering on 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' type of shit if that leak is true. Shake up the gaming industry? wtf

Melankolis233d ago

Waiting for your article...

rainslacker233d ago (Edited 233d ago )


Wonder if Sega is making a SEGA Go. Some kind of portable. I mean, I know they have that GG Mini, but that could just be to get people excited about Sega portables, as it was a pretty cool portable back in the day.

This would make sense for them since Nintendo is currently the only one in the market for a real portable nowadays. Plus, since they own Atlus, as well as numerous other popular devs for games that have done quite well on mobile and portable platforms, it could be an interesting prospect for them to throw their hat back in the ring. Sega has quite a few popular games on Switch they could leverage to be successful.

I now people kept talking about a half assed as it was....that MS would buy them, if there is anything about Sega wanting to get back into the hardware market, that could be the route they go, and they do apparently have some big news coming up. I think it might be too crowded for them to go against Sony and MS right now in the home console market.

Hayter456233d ago

Waiting for something that riles up the gaming industry...or the insider is just a overhyping clown?

Ratchet75233d ago

Does Aaron Greenberg has a brother working at Famitsu? 😂 😂

Zeref233d ago

"Diverse Global Team"

I spotted exactly 5 black people... Had to look for them like where's waldo.

SegaGamer233d ago

When people say diverse, it doesn't always mean they are talking about skin colour or what you have between your legs.

Abriael233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

It's a company that spans both japan and the west. Sounds pretty diverse to me. 🤔

ecchiless233d ago

No no no, it have to include black ppl, is the law.

anonymousfan233d ago

" Go big or go home " ...Sega releases the Micro....

Shuckylad233d ago

Dreamcast 2. All original DC compatible and some patched to run higher resolution and frame rates. All sega arcade and console history available in perfect conversions via online store.
Online multiplayer.....
I dream.....cast

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