My Xbox 360 Friends' Avatars - Like A Line For The Men's Room writes: "You can debate whether it says more about me or the Xbox 360, but my New Xbox Experience is very… male.

Since the NXE transformed most of the Xbox 360 dashboards in the U.S. this week, I've witnessed a stark reminder that almost everyone my 360 is connected to is a guy. Or at least they play one as an Avatar.

I have 59 friends on my Xbox 360 friend's list, 50 of whom have made Avatars. All but two of them have made male Avatars. When I flick through the NXE's line-up of my friends' Avatars, it seems like I'm looking at the line for the men's room."

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Pennywise3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Double post.

But what does this guy expect? Most gamers are male.

Pennywise3837d ago

Swingin Dingleling party!!!

KIGMAL - Check it out!!

pp3837d ago

Well I have 60 friends on my Xbox 360 friend's list, 50 of whom have made Avatars. All of them have made Female Avatars.Because their all females and 10 males who made male avatars.

Magic_The_Celt3836d ago




no pp, there not female, you probably have 1 on there if your lucky (your weird cuisen)

remember we had the talk about online people not being real friends?

this is the same, just because your no-life friends on XBL have female as avatars does not mean there female. sad sad pp :(

OOG3836d ago

the only thing I like about the line up is being able to see the partys they are in and who is with them so I can see if they are full for games etc...and to see what they are playing etc

vShinobi3836d ago

80% of people on xbox live are 14-25 year old white males.

socomnick3836d ago

I have to dissagree, my friends list is pretty diverse, of the 56 people in my friends list 3 are asian, 12 hispanic, 6 black, and 3 are females.

Ages on my list range from 17-45.

Bnet3433836d ago

Not to sound like a pedophile, but I have a 12 year old on my friends list. he is like the little younger bro a never had. :3

mrdxpr23836d ago

soo wrong all of the people on XBL are 10 years old just cause they say bad words like they just learned them and they so stupid with the stuf they say..and if they are older then 25 then they eather are pedophiles or they just retarded

I Make Stuff Up3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Don't be so concerned with being PC.
There's nothing racist about calling someone black or white.
Black and white are not races. they're colors, and colors are descriptive. Like short and tall.

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