Xbox And Sony Stand Together In Solidarity

Xbox has shared Sony's message regarding the situation that is occurring in the USA with the whole riot and so forth.

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Sitdown65d ago

Ahhh, if only fans could show this level of solidarity. I would love to be proven wrong, but watch someone come in here and make this negative somehow.

locomorales65d ago

What we need to know and disclose is that the loud, racist, spoiled and idiotic minority is just that: the numerical minority. As many of these are unoccupied, resourceful and mean they make it look like the gamer community is like that. A part is, but only the part that speaks a lot for having nothing to say.

We will do like Sony, Microsoft and other publishers and take sides for the majority, which is good. Those people who deserve a voice. We will drown these spoiled racists in their own saliva. We will give value to the good, not even more voice to the bad.

bouzebbal64d ago

Racism always existed, and will unfortunately still do. Social classes is racism, the rich getting richer poor getting poorer and they cannot co exist is racism.. Voting laws against minorities is racism.
People are only looking into skin color racism, and some idiots are using it as an excuse to rob, loot kill for pleasure.

DarXyde64d ago


A missed opportunity to stick your landing.

Social class discrimination is not racism. That, my friend, is known as classism.

You can be profoundly wealthy and lose it all; you can be raised in abject poverty and make millions later. You can be born rich, get poor , and reclaim wealth status, ad nauseam.

You can change your socioeconomic status (though the odds are very often profoundly against you). You can't change the color of your race, no matter what Rachel Dolezal says.

gamer780464d ago

While the optics look bad, has this been determined a hate crime? I just haven’t seen any evidence that race played a part yet? I see everyone and companies jump to it being a race-based crime yet no evidence of such yet. It seems counterproductive to fight police brutality which this clearly was if the source has not been determined. All I know is that Minnesota’s police manual says you can put your knee on the back but not on the neck while most large police departments say you can’t put your knee anywhere on the back.

64d ago
morganfell64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


Finally someone gets it. There is no doubt news organizations have flipped over every stone in this officer's life. No racism. Bad policing and/or brutality. But not racism. Yet that is the first place everyone went. From what we know the facts do not fit the narrative of racist cop so let's ignore the facts. However the reality is that thus far it is not an incident involving racism. Then again, people have skewed a great many facts to suit their wishes or to maintain what it is they want to believe is true. No one wants to admit they have been played by certain elements with an agenda. The WSJ article is behind a paywall but this piece discusses it.

ArthriticPowers64d ago

Agree with alot of this. But don't forget everyone deserves a voice, to suggest otherwise creates a far bigger problem.

kayoss63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Yes, there is no evidence show that the killing was driven by race. However, there are so many examples that prove that blacks (especially black men) get treated differently than whites for the same crime. THis is what you consider a systematic racism. You can easily google it and you will receive hundreds of example of this. I just saw a video of a white guy who resisted arrest, they had to go into his car, pulled him out and when he got out. He took the officers baton, hit the officer with it, got into the police cruiser and drove off. If that was a black man, guns would have been drawn, the black if lucky would have been tazered or would have been shot. This is just one example of systematic racism.

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littletad64d ago

I know it might not seem like it at times, but the vast majority of gamers are awesome people who don't see color. And some like myself renounce racism. I'm a writer, a graduate of Texas State with a liberal arts major. I'm currently using my platform to do the most important thing I can at this time, listen. Hopefully, all this will be over one day (the end of racism) and we can get back into the fanboy war lol.

Retroman64d ago

@ Littletad
Unfortunately Racism will Never change Long as white race think they "Better" than any race "white" supremacy still exists. they don't want to be Equal to any minorities.

Facts of life..... Wake up to the Real world..... I'm Chinese

littletad64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


I assure you I know that racism will always exist in some capacity. I got maybe 25 good years left in my life to be a peaceful activist and make a difference in the world AROUND me as I can. My minor was also Sociology and I studied social inequality exclusively. I am by no means an expert on all things life, but I do know and understand my privilege, however small. What I can do, is speak up and more importantly (like I said up there) listen. Stay positive.

Sono42164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

This is all a load of sh*t, all these companies coming out with these statements about how tolerant they are.. yet not a single one has condemned the reaction to his death.. the rioting is UNACCEPTABLE, this guys one death was TERRIBLE, and the cops are TERRIBLE PEOPLE. but you know what.. these riots are WORSE.. not even by a little bit... they are FAR WORSE.. why? because now MORE people have died and quite literally places are being lit on fire, looted, people are getting the sh*t beat out of them... yet what do all these "WOKE" companies say about it?... *crickets*.. or they endorse it. But ONE black guy get's killed by a white guy and it's "Better make a statement about this" Absolute clown world.

64d ago
remixx11664d ago


I agree with your opinion on the rioting bug if you think this issue is one black guy getting killed by a white guy then you're a disengenous idiot.

Atanasrikard64d ago


What a wonderfully bigoted statement, fucking racist. You do realize that "white supremacists" are an extreme minority, right? People like YOU are the problem. And that has absolutely nothing to do with you being Chinese. Imagine a white person typing that same fucking statement about any other race. Get your head out of your ass.

WTFdidyoujustsay64d ago


WTF did you just say? Your country literally removes blacks from movie posters, and imprisons muslims.


JackBNimble64d ago

" Unfortunately racism will never change as long as white race think they are better then any race"

This is a huge part of the problem. Generalizing an entire group of people and assuming they think they are better then any other is " racist in itself " .

Racism will never change as long as you continually accuse an entire race of people of racism because of the color of their skin.

PertySlick64d ago


It's statements like yours that just create more hate and division. You are guilty of the very racism you claim others are guilty of. Not all white people think they are the master race. I don't know why there are so many statements like this that seem intent on alienating anybody that actually wants equality. I am white but I don't care about that or the color of anybody else's skin. I can tell you I am furious about the police actions in this particular case as an American. Cops are supposed to work FOR the citizens not against. But I'm also hesitant to say anything or speak out because I know people like you will pop up and tell me I cannot understand, or I don't know what I'm talking about, or tell me I am the problem. I have never owned or endorsed the owning of slaves, I do not treat people a certain way or make assumptions based on race or ethnicity. I help those who are down despite trying their best. I myself was a victim of anti-white racism and bullying (ass-kickings) in school. I am a "live and let live" kind of person. I love this great country and how diverse it is. I can only hope that SOMEDAY we can get past seeing only skin color. I hope someday we can get to a point where we are all equal. Obviously we still have a ways to go...

Hutch235564d ago

Problem is, now you aren't allowed to say you don't see color. When people lose their jobs, like an nba broadcaster because he was asked about blm, and said all lives matter every single one, and he was fired for that and called a racist. I saw quite a few activists talking about you have to see our color. So I am not sure what you are supposed to do now.

The Wood64d ago


from what I've seen from his comments this far, racism doesn't exist.....and people are only rioting because of this one death...... how naive is that.

It's weird to see non blacks getting caught rioting and vandalizing too......and ignored.......I even see some guts tackling two white women spray painting blm on a store front......I see some shady old white guy smashing windows.......these agents are efficient af and yes, blacks were looting too

rainslacker64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The vast majority of people are generally pretty decent. There is a wide swath of opinions and world views for every matter under the sun, from complete indifference, to extremely proactive.

I dont think most people would look at this case and not feel like something wrong wasnt done. I think most would also not be for any kind of systematic discrimination.

But, I also believe that everyone, no matter how good, also has levels of unconscious bias formed through their own life experiences or exposure to any number of influences that may also make them discriminate either actively, or just think discriminatory thoughts. It may not be racism, but there are other isms or things that may be offensive.

This is just human nature, and sometimes its extreme and open. Other times people may think things, but not actively act on them in a discriminatory fashion.

It's just the nature of the beast, but in today's society, there is no in between, and everything is made into an us vs them scenario to the point where if I hear white privilege again, it just makes me wonder if a decade of college, multiple degrees, and working my ass off to prove I could do a job was worth the effort because I'm white. Then I look at all the white people who arwnt getting ahead in life, but blame others, and realize that i did the right things. Black people, and women do have more going against them, I'll readily admit. But at the same time, there are, nor should there be no free passes, anymore than there should be systematic application of holding others back over superficial things.

Anyhow, sorry for the side tangent rant. My mind tends to go into overdrive sometimes.

Christopher63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

*** Facts of life..... Wake up to the Real world..... I'm Chinese ***

Man, that is not how you win an argument. I mean, China pretty much kicked out black individuals due to COVID concerns before Trump even went on his rants against China. They have a commercial where they wash a black guy into a Chinese guy. And they treat tourists like this https://www.nationalgeograp... .

Sitdown63d ago

"who don't see color"
That's not a good thing, if you don't see color, that means you don't see a part of a person. You need to see color, you just don't need to discriminate because of it.

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ifrit_caress64d ago

That has already started with the downvoting.

blacktiger64d ago

Everyone is doing it. No need together

Weapon_of_choice64d ago

I see your point, but doesn't change the fact that xbox $ucks a$$

azizlksa164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

When sony and Microsoft care about other inhuman practices happening to people in other countries, and act the same way they did with this one, then you will see people caring and not bitching.

rainslacker64d ago

I think most people stand with what the protests are about. Almost everyone is against the riots. But the division seems to be on if Sony should have postponed its event because of what's going on.

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XeyedGamer64d ago ShowReplies(3)
xX-oldboy-Xx64d ago

How ignorant is that lady at the bottom - I feel sorry for her girls (11 and 14).

Hopefully there's an end in sight and all the opportunists get sorted out.

Khalina64d ago

It's a troll account. Just the name and the photo should give it away.

Sophisticated_Chap64d ago

This whole situation has been hijacked by Antifa, anarchist groups and people who think it's fun or funny to burn police vehicles, beat up defenseless people, burn buildings, loot stores, break windows and chant mindless slogans. The sooner the President can bring these rioters and looters to justice, the better.

Everything these idiots are doing is only making things worse, but I suppose that's what the people who are behind the organizing of this crisis are looking to do.

CaptainObvious87864d ago

I'm glad more and more people are starting to see Antifa for the actual fascists that they are.

BigBosss64d ago

George Soros owns the Antifa movement. He should be banned from the US just like what Hungary did and Russia.

sourOG64d ago

I thought this video from a former BLM organizer in Ferguson was interesting. It makes some sense but then again, most conspiracies do.

Veneno64d ago

Both the far left and far right are loving this. They want to see people pick their side. That's just crazy extremist people though. Smart people know better.

sourOG64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Yup. But still buy ammo and protect you and yours.

Sophisticated_Chap63d ago

I remember watching this video back in 2015, and this guy is totally spot on.

rainslacker63d ago


Unfortunately, the "smart" or what we'll call moderate people who aren't on the extreme, rarely have their viewpoint discussed. They discuss it amongst themselves, in forums like these, but the media loves to show the extremes.

This is true in almost everything that is newsworthy nowadays. Us gamers have been seeing it with the SJW movement, and even the entirety of the console wars, is mostly two sides of the extreme expressing their opinions.

The vocal minority is making everything and everyone seem like they're completely irrational, and because of this, there is no middle ground that can be had. Generalizations and anecdotes rule the roost, and until the moderate center finally gets the attention that they probably should have above the extremes, it's not going to change.

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franwex64d ago

I was hoping for some insulting and insane comments. Wow, you boys actually delivered.

King764d ago

[email protected] there are some crazy right wingers on this site I personally wouldn’t pay them no attention.

Godmars29064d ago (Edited 64d ago )

What's really dispiriting is how crazy the right wingers are insisting the left wingers are.

And for anyone's information, for what little it means, I'm a moderate. Which means I like to think I can look at both side of an argument and realize which portions of either side is utterly stupid. How conservative and liberal will make something from whole cloth and cling to it as gospel.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you people?

rainslacker63d ago

So, us vs them. There can be no middle ground. Anyone who doesn't agree with you is a crazy person from the other side....and there is no reason to classify left or right being worse than the other, because the extremes of both sides tend to be extremely hostile, stupid, and completely disregard anything other than them getting what they want.

As what I'd classify a moderate, but probably more left leaning on most issues, but conservative on others, I'm honestly getting rather tired of either side talking for me as if there is only an all or nothing scenario or conclusion. I'm tired of extreme political views being taken and made into agendas which fail to bother to either address an issue fully, or(and often always do) completely disregard the diversity of thoughts within this country.

I'm insulted as an American, that the people who want to say "Real American" think that anyone who doesn't agree with them is less American, because they made up their own asinine metric for what is American. I'm insulted by those who say that people that try to be rational are just the other side of the extreme.

As a moderate, all I can see is the extremist of both the left and right side are ruining this country more than any given thing that they want to complain about on a daily basis.

So, don't pay attention to the "right wingers". The right wingers don't have to pay attention to the left wingers. But at some point, the moderates are going to grow tired of both, just like the extreme right grew tired of the extreme left, and elected trump despite all logical sense not to do so, and then both sides can end up realizing that the moderates greatly outnumber both sides combined.

At that point, maybe we can go back to what it used to be, where these extreme ideologies never got attention, because they were rarely rational, and usually pretty stupid. Maybe the internet will stop giving them a sounding board for their idiocy, or they can be seen as the village idiots they used to be before we had to fill a 24/7 news cycle, and support it with things that kept people engaged so that cycle could make ad revenue.

Although I think I'm hoping for too much.