Metal Gear Solid 4 turns 12 this month. Here are 3 reasons why it deserves a remaster

Kojima's final years at Konami were turbulent to say the least, but his legacy should be preserved. Solid Snake's swan song title has yet to be re-released on any other platform even after over a decade in the market.

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RaidenBlack64d ago

MGS4 deserves Remastering the most of all PS3 exclusives.

meganick63d ago

That honor belongs to Demon’s Souls actually.

generic-user-name63d ago

I don't agree but Bluepoint will sort you out most likely.

Army_of_Darkness63d ago

Naw man, demon souls isn't even on the same level of mgs4. I'd love a remaster of metal gear solid 4!

Gaming10163d ago

Demon's Souls was already remastered.

NeoGamer23263d ago

I would rather them fully remaster the entire series starting with the first game.

Jrios35563d ago

Didn't they already do that with the Metal Gear Solid Legacy on PS3?

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neutralgamer199263d ago

it's time to start from MGS1 remake/reimagining done by bluepoint games

It does amazes me that to this day MGS4 remains an exclusive and it was my first MGS game and loved it simply loved it. If any game deserved a remaster treatment it was MGS4

63d ago
Chocoburger63d ago

No, the GCN version sucks compared to the PSone version. Worse dialog, worse controls (yes, really), and they completely BUTCHERED the soundtrack.

I've completed the PSone version 13+ times. I've completed the GCN version 0 times because its so boring. I always tell myself to go back to the GCN version because I am the biggest MGS fan, but I just don't have the motivation to do so. What a shame! What a waste of time, money, and resources.

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KyRo63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

MGS4 was amazing and the perfect send off of the story. The scenes of snake in the microwave chamber for lack of better wording, I thought it was the end for snake.

I shed a man tear for MGS4. The only other game that managed to do that was The Walking Dead. Powerful writing.

4U2NV63d ago

yep me too, that scene where snake has to crawl through the microwave tunnel was so emotional for me 😢

Amazing game one of my all time favourites

Sunny_D63d ago

My thumb cried as well during that scene.

TheDevler63d ago

Yup. Shame it's stuck on an older console. I tried to replay recently via PSNow but, my internet didn't give the best experience. Would love to give these guys money for a remaster. Once it's ported over to x86 I'm sure they can put it on just about any platform from there.

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The story is too old to be commented.