8.9 Guitar Hero World Tour PS3 Review

Guitar Hero World Tour is a dream come true for music fans of the Guitar Hero franchise as it introduces some great new instruments, packs a solid soundtrack, and introduces some great new features such as the Music Studio mode. If you want to get a music game, Guitar Hero World Tour with all of the fixings is a great buy!
Graphics: 7.8 The visuals look just as they did in previous games, lacking detail but doing enough to get the job done.

Sound: 9.2 The soundtrack is immense with over 80 songs, and they sound great!

Gameplay: 9.0 The drums are very well-done, and the improved guitar is just as impressive!

Replay Value: 9.2 Plenty of songs, the Music Studio mode, online features, etc. This is the ultimate party game for music fans!

Final Score: 8.9

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jammy_703830d ago

a 2 9.2's and a 9 = a 8.9???