Reviving the Dead: Square Enix Edition

Loot Ninja writes, "I'm one of those people that's played enough games to make the lot of you cry. If I'm not pounding away on the keyboard on some code for the thousandth database application I work tirelessly on, I'm abusing my console ferociously with long hours of playtime. Gaming has become therapeutic, in some forms. I definitely enjoy going old-school and playing old RPG's from the era of SNES and PSX - when RPG's had stories that put movies and books to shame. As I sit there and play these relics, I am constantly baffled at how some games never received the attention they deserved."

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taz80803833d ago

Nothing will ever match FF7 or its cast

Gaara_7243833d ago

i think ffx was better just my personal opinion but i liked it better

iiprotocolii3833d ago

If you haven't played Xenogears, then you need to get on that asap. That game, I believe, spanks FF7.

Radiodread3833d ago

do some different genres and IP's. They have the graphics technology, they could some awesome sword fighting games, or just something other than a jrpg. Worst type of genre EVER!

MIA3832d ago

FF7 FTW! Best FF eva!!!