Criterion reveal 'fastest car in Burnout Paradise'

"Following the recent tradition of revealing new Burnout Paradise news every Friday, Criterion have announced their latest addition to the car roster - the Carson Extreme Hotrod.

Details are skant at present, since the car is due for release in 2009, but we do know a few things about it already. And the sheer speed of this vehicle is one of the talking points..." - excerpt from PS3 Attitude

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kharma453836d ago

Criterion should be applauded for the amount of support they're giving Burnout, other devs should take note!

ParadiseLost3836d ago

and the Hot Rod has always been an icon vehicle of the Burnout series

TheColbertinator3836d ago

You should comment more often,ParadiseLost.

JOLLY13836d ago

Why should parasidelost post more often? do ya like the avatar?


Is there any other game that get this much support that isnt a pc game..

kharma453836d ago

None spring to mind immediately.

micro_invader3836d ago

Agreed with everyone above. Criterion have shown a phenomenal amount of support or this game from day one. Hopefully a sequel is close by. :)

Magic_The_Celt3836d ago

Burnout Paradise

best played on the Playstation 3

ambientFLIER3836d ago

It's sad how hard your baiting failed...almost as hard as the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise :p

LeShin3836d ago

Criterion had me at the Delorean imitation lol

Going have to buy it now.