OXM UK: Left 4 Dead Review

This is gaming's equivalent of a B-movie. It might not last long, but with no plot, no fuss and no gimmicks, it's a guilty thrill that will live on in pub conversations, impromptu blasts with mates and the knowledge that if you ever want to sit down and enjoy some carnage, all you have to do is reach for this brilliant twist on survival horror.

* Zombie numbers are insane
* Fastest co-op game ever made
* Truly unique experience

* Not designed for single player
* Not enough modes

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Mr PS33837d ago

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NaiNaiNai3837d ago

i bet you blow yourself.

ASSASSYN 36o3837d ago

I hate playing this in single player but it isn't that bad. What I hate is not enjoying it with friends gone to class or work. This game still kicks tail by yourself. You just hear your own screams when running away from a tank.