Which RPG Is Right For You?

Kimberley Wallace from gameinformer writes: "RPGs are a hefty investment, requiring time and dedication to delve into their complex intricacies. With myriad choices and divergent styles, finding the right one can be overwhelming. This article breaks down our recommendations into a slew of categories, dedicated to what’s important to you in an RPG."

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jznrpg476d ago

Most of them . I love RPGs of all kinds . JRPGS , ARPGS, western RPGS etc etc .

Seraphim476d ago

indeed. Turn Based, Action, Hybrid, Tactical [though not a huge fan of I still have a soft spot for some] and whatever else. They all have a place. Long as it's enjoyable/fun and better yet if it has a good or interesting story I'll take it.

bouzebbal476d ago

I don't like western RPGs. I prefer JRPG it's by habit I guess.
Reason I prefer JRPGs is that the main character has a soul, and he's most of the time in the center of the story. In western games you create you character give him personality it's never as deep. Also first person view and RPGs don't fit together in my world

Seraphim475d ago

@bouzebbal - I probably prefer JRPGs myself but The Witcher, Divinity, Diablos just name a few are pretty dam great. Elder Scrolls too at times. You certainly can't say Geralt in The Witcher didn't have soul. Western RPGs in number pale in comparison to how many JRPGs there are out there tho. And most of my favorite RPGs are undoubtably JRPGs. Regardless, there's a time and place for all of them and they should all have a place in each gamers heart, shelf, digital collection...

ManMarmalade476d ago

Turn-Based jrpg's will always be my favourite. I've replayed Legend of Dragoon countless times and I never get tired of it. The persona games always give me quite the fix I need too.

neutralgamer1992476d ago

Real time combat and more western like mass effect, I recently finished HZD and loved it. It was even more impressive knowing GG went from making FPS to open world RPG and knocked it out of the park on their first try

I personally don't like turned based combat

RaidenBlack476d ago

Pokemon introduced me to turn based combat system. Loved it.
Before that, I also thought they weren't fun.

476d ago
InKnight7s476d ago

Western RPGs are lame and incomparable to FF, DQ, KH, Nier Auto, Persona etc. With few exceptions like GOW, The Witcher 3 and couple of others.

mikehawk100476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

RPG, FPS and Sports games are my favorite genre of PC games. I hate it when people keep saying it RPG games, it is like saying ATM machine, it is redundant.

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