What Makes Modern Warfare Such a Gigabyte Mega-Monster

Jamie Davies of GameGrin looks at what exactly is making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare eat so much space, writing: "We’re not the only ones in the midst of an obesity crisis: our games are too. While we grow to exceed the limits of our waistbands, our games grow alongside us, threatening to exceed the limits of all but the biggest hard drives. Thanks to DLC, regular updates and its insanely popular Warzone mode, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare (2019) has become the worst ever offender of this worrying ‘file size bloat’, clocking in at over 180GB (almost half of the 400GB available for user storage on the baseline consoles)."

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Chexs1990145d ago

That's easy; Lazy development and release deadlines

bouzebbal144d ago

I never played a single one, fps isn't my preferred genre.. I have to admit the WWII has impressive human models, the intro was really impressive. What I want to say is the reason COD is so popular based on what I saw is intensity and explosive.
Kinda same as fast and furious, I only saw the first one, but people keep asking for them

Crazyglues144d ago

It's actually higher res textures, and more detail, how can you expect for a developer to make the current game ten times better looking then the old game, but somehow keep the same size files... I guess you don't understand game graphics, the more detail the more realistic the more the poly count goes up, hence the bigger file size...

You want next gen graphics, or you want the same graphics of the old game...??? Ok then, the file size is going to go way up then / There is no way around that...

philm87144d ago

That's the problem, loads of people complaining who think they know better than the developers of the game, but they have no clue.

boing1144d ago

Another one with 'lazy' remark. Your comment oozes with ignorance.

Sniperwithacause145d ago

New game engine =new problems. Next years version, and the year after that, should be a little better file size wise.

Kabaneri145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

COD games are way too CPU intensive. Both consoles sound like vacuums in the lobby screen.

Yui_Suzumiya145d ago

Yeah I thought my PS4 was going to take flight.. Same with Wolfenstein: Youngblood

elazz144d ago

I never understood that. Just cap menu of any graphics in menu's at 30fps. Sometimes games even don't have a framerate cap in menu.

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agent13144d ago

MW has a very terrible optimization it has allocated all of one of mt drives it's about 200gb and I only have a 1tb hdd, it crashes a lot and it still has micro stutter issues, it's a great game regarding it's awesome story and gameplay but it's not optimized at all specially on pc

TheEnigma313144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

poor optimization; it's that simple. Just throw out the update and not care about the consumers data caps or HDD space.

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