Blizzard’s Mike Ybarra Admires PS5 Exclusive Titles That Showcase “Absolute Latest Tech”

In a recent Twitter exchange, Blizzard Entertainment executive vice president Mike Ybarra weighed in on the idea of having a console like the PlayStation 5 which elects to focus much more on titles that are exclusive to it, rather than held back by cross generation development considerations.

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RpgSama600d ago

"I like it. I like having something that is the absolute latest tech and shows off my investment in the best possible way"

"Shows of my investment in the best possible way", music to my ears, that's why I buy a new console, not to have cross generation titles for the first 2 years.

neutralgamer1992600d ago

The whole purpose of a next generation console is to have games which are only possible on that console. If you are going to hold yourself back and sport the last generation along with the next generation there is simply no way it developers can truly take advantage of connection hardware

Especially considering how much of an mprovement next gen consoles are compared to current consoles

Btw it doesn't mean PlayStation 4 won't get sport for next few years it will because third parties will release their games on it due to how big they install base of the console is

So Sony has the best of both worlds they will have great sport for PlayStation 4 and amazing games on PlayStation 5 which can only be made and played on PlayStation 5

I think they will show the hardware on June 4th because it's in production and they don't want the images to leak. But I don't see them announcing a price before their PlayStation event in August

bouzebbal600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

Ps5.. What else?

Chris12599d ago

You won't have next gen titles for the first 2 years as the devkits have only been available a short period. Same every generation.

stuna1600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

I think we are about to see the upset of the century.

Sure a smaller install base can be a crutch.... But there are ways to offset it or incentivize those drawbacks as well. Example is having highly aclaimed games on the newer hardware that has higher sale potentials, exclustivity as much as some dislike it, is a way to booster and cultivate bigger fanbases.


We're about to witness a dynasty like no other.......again!

599d ago
Muzikguy600d ago

I wouldn't exactly say upset of the century. I'm sure many already have a feeling about what's going to happen. I can't wait to hear more on Thursday, even though I'm not trying to rush the week along

VenomUK599d ago

On Friday Sony declared it believes in generations. On Saturday and then Sunday two Microsoft executives react!

Both companies have diametrically different approaches - but which one will entice gamers the most to pick up their new console?

Games1st600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

Power leveling next gen xp.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

aron Greenberg better hope the results we see over the next few months match with PR gloss they've been putting on this situation.

Because as is, the situation is that Sony was in a position to both serve their existing platform right up until the very end, and to start pivoting resources 3+ years ago into next-gen projects that would be ready for 2020. To serve both the PS4 audience throughout, and to start serving the PS5 audience with next-gen games from day one.

And Microsoft was not. Their hardware pipeline was ready for transition this year, their first party software pipeline simply isn't.

In terms of transitions historically, Microsoft's situation is the odd man out here, not Sony's.

Trying to spin underdelivery on first party games this gen, and the inability to start next gen projects on time for a 2020 release, as some kind of pro consumer philosophy, is a neat trick. But it's just that, pure marketing gloss over a much simpler explanation: that they simply didn't have their ducks in a row, and the rebuild of the studio group won't bear fruit for another while.

For example, there's nothing magical about the 1-2 year timeframe Matt Booty outlined from a consumer friendliness point of view - it's simply the lag time from the studio investments and/or when they managed to start allocating resources to new next-gen only projects. It's not magically pro-consumer to have those ready for 2021 or 2022 rather than 2020. They simply weren't able to have those projects ready earlier, at least not without reneging on existing public commitments to the Xbox One, which they were never going to do (e.g. without switching Halo Infinite or others to next-gen only).

In the end it comes down to the lineups. If the XSX lineup is competitively impressive despite all this, then they'll have jumped these hoops well. On the other hand if the lack of 'readiness' with next-gen only projects shows, then they will have a much bigger marketing headache than crafting response tweets I think.

Tacoboto600d ago

That's a great way to view the situation in a realistic way.

With Sony's resources and years of several studios/teams not releasing anything, I hope there's at least one game that can outshine something like a PS5-enhanced TLOU2

ABizzel1600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

Honestly, your comment kind of brought a truth that I think many of us are overlooking, because the hyp has been about hardware. MS have build an amazing console whose success will depend on price (anything over $599 and it's going to be a slow seller), but more importantly games. And just looking at Xbox developers and what they've already announced I'm worried about the games portion of that equation, and it now makes sense why Xbox is supporting last-gen for up to 2 years and getting timed exclusives and PC ports exclusives, because their first party isn't going to be completely ready for next-gen until 2022.

Launch Games
343i: Halo Infinite Launch
Turn 10: Forza 8 Most likely launch
Obsidian: Grounded Most likely launch

Enhanced Games
The Coalition: Gears 5 Series X enhanced launch, and likely Gears 6 for Holiday 2022, and hopefully a New IP as well for 2025.

Mojang: Minecraft Raytracing launch, (probably Multiplat or timed exclusive for 1 year)

Rare: Sea of Thieves Series X enhanced launch, but also working on Battletoads and Everwild. Sea of Thieves and Battletoads are likely launch titles at this point, and Everwild is likely 2021. They may become another team that focus is on Xbox Arcade which means we could see annual games from them, and hopefully a new Rare Replay (which would be one of the few 4K @ 120fps games).

????? / 2021
Ninja Theory: Hellblade 2, TBA which is probably Holiday 2021

Playground Games: ?????, Rumored to be making Fable, and I hope not. MS needs new IPs, not the same core they've been using since the original Xbox. Let them flex their talent and make something new. Possibly Launch title, more likely Holiday 2021.

Complusion Games: ?????, We Happy Few was made in 2018 so it's unlikely they have a new AAA IP for launch or if they're at launch at all. If they do hit launch window we're looking at We Happy Few 2 or some other kind of A tier indie type game.

Undead Labs: ?????, Possibly State of Decay fully playable without glitches version for Series X launch, and from there who knows.

Double Fine: Psychonaughts 2 (multiplatform), so they won't have anything exclusive to show for another 1 - 3 years as far as big games go, however, they do produce plenty of smaller arcade titles, which is likely the route they're going to go, so Xbox can get the hype it did during the 360 era for having the best "Xbox arcade" games.

InXile: Wasteland 3 (multiplatform), so once again they're unlike to have something big to show for another 1 - 3 years.

So they have these new developers, but they won't be ready for another 2 - 3 years with exclusives. MS really has to rely on making timed exclusive deals with 3rd parties and consoles exclusives from PC developers, because their first party is still not prepared for fueling their console, which IMO is really going to turn a lot of people off, until 2 - 3 years down the road. They made an amazing console, but IMO the exclusive issue is still present. Now they will have the quantity to compete with Sony and Nintendo, but InXile, Double Fine, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games, and to an extent Rare all have to prove that they can compete with Nintendo and Sony's first-party as they have not been near the same ballpark over the last 10 years. They now have the funding, so they have to really put up for MS, but again we won't see those fruits for another 2 - 3 years.

ABizzel1600d ago

Forgot the Initiative which is supposed to offer games similar to what PlayStation Studios produces, as they are lead by the former director of the Tomb Raider Reboot series and several developers who worked with both Naughty Dog and others in the area. This is the one team I'm looking forward to seeing something from.

crazyCoconuts600d ago

I totally agree. I wouldn't fault MS as much if I felt like they fessed up to the situation more instead of always trying to trick me into seeing their limitations as a good thing.
BTW, while I think they did the right thing buying studios, it could be a long road before they're producing titles at the level Sony is. I mean you look at Spiderman, HZD, GOW, LOU, Dreams, Uncharted, Days Gone, Ghost of T, these are really outstanding and well polished games - not every studio can pump quality games out like that. I think for Xbox to compete they have a much longer road than just waiting for the next round of games to come out. There's at least a generation of refining the hodgepodge of studios to produce that level of games consistently imo.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen600d ago

I guess I'm not the only one who can see through Microsoft's bull****.

mkis007600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

I think xbox is severly undervaluing the effect ps5 commercials are going to have vs series x commercials in those 2 years. Why is this possible only on ps5 and not on the more powerful series x? The SSD speed is going to be easy to communicate in commercials and gaemplay videos. Whether it be textures or game mechanics, while the xbox first party is held back by the HDD, PS first party will have created games only pssible on SSD.

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