The highly anticipated tactical shooter “VALORANT” is launching worldwide on June 2nd

Video game developer and publisher Riot Games today announced updated figures from the recently ended closed beta period of first-person PC game, "VALORANT", officially launching worldwide on 2nd June.

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MEGANE476d ago

Honestly this game looks like crap... I can’t believed the hype this is getting.

DragonWarrior19476d ago

Yeah, highly anticipated seems like a stretch since they only videos I've seen of it so far are players sh*tting on the game for how terrible it is.

harmny476d ago

Everyone hates lol and call of duty and they have millions of players. So crybabies on the internet don't really matter

Silly gameAr476d ago

Yeah, I don't get it either. The game looks meh as hell.

476d ago
XxINFERNUSxX476d ago

I had a beta key, after I installed it I uninstalled it, didn't like it and I do not like their anit-cheat crap running on my PC in the background. To hell with this game.

Kabaneri476d ago

They should make PS5 and XSX ports for this. No PC crossplay though.

Razmiran476d ago

They can Port this to the ps2 and the GameCube if they want, it seriously runs on any toaster that boots up

Kavorklestein476d ago

Just like stupid and over rated League of Legends. No thanks. Mobs are never gonna be my thing

Cocomelts476d ago

How does news from 21 May get approved?

KyRo476d ago

N4G has been slow for months now. I'm assuming there's a lack of people approving article etc. It's slowly becoming one of the worst places to check for new, breaking gaming news.

BigBosss476d ago

I've been on this website since it launched and I can safely say it has gone so shit and the people running it arent as goo as they used to be.

KyRo476d ago

@BigBoss, it's a shame the convenience of N4G is amazing but its definitely going down hill. There used to be new articles and news on the front page hourly. Now it can be half a day. It's not even that there's no news because there's loads happening when you check individual websites but that more tedious than coming to N4G.

Hungryalpaca476d ago

It’s just CS with Overwatch powers. Booooooring.

Who cares about originality!

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