We’re Stuck with the Touchpad; How Should it Improve?

Sony’s newest controller must carry last gen’s mostly unused feature for compatibility’s sake. How can it improve?

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mandf232d ago

I like the touchpad and a lot of my friends do too. This narrative of saying people dont use or touch it is not going to be true because you keep saying it. Websites keep acting like they speak for eveyone

xer0232d ago

I like the touchpad as well.
I don't hear any complaints about the touchpad... except from traffic hungry sites like 😂

DarXyde232d ago

Maybe it's just me, but I really don't care for that or the Light bar. For me, the best implementation of the touch pad was Gravity Rush 2, and that was nothing remarkable, just neat (to switch Gravity styles). Light bar is even worse—best use there is a three way tie for me between being the health indicator in The Last of Us Remastered; the police indicator in GTAV; and having to align it to avoid being caught in Until Dawn.

I worry a little about PS5's DualSense features. Things Sony does tend to implement go very underutilized after a year or so. These things drive up the controller cost, so naturally I hope for better integration in games.

Good news is Sony seems to really be pushing immersion, so ideally, developers will really try to make some immersive experiences.

OtterX232d ago

DarXyde- The lightbar is for camera/VR tracking, they just implemented it in non-camera/VR ways (such as the flashing cop lights in GTAV) before the PSVR was announced. Serves an amazing purpose if you do PSVR at all. I do wish you could turn it completely off outside of that, to conserve battery.

GamerRN232d ago

No, just saying it's the least used doesn't make it true. However, looking at the statistics does make it true.

I haven't touched that thing, used the speaker or cared about the light bar since the beginning... It was cool for a day, then just annoying

Name Last Name232d ago

The only game where I found it really helpful was Final Fantasy XIV to use it as a mouse for the UI.

ManMarmalade232d ago

Apparently there is a limit according to zerolimitgames lmao

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TFJWM232d ago

It is a good idea but under used. I can't think of the last time I used it for anything that a button wouldn't have worked for.

rainslacker232d ago

I think a touch screen would be better implemented. I really liked the Dreamcasts VMU's back in the day. I imagine that may drive up the costs, however, touch screens are pretty damn cheap nowadays. I think it may be a bad thing for battery life though.

outsider1624232d ago

In open world games the touch pad used to display maps is really helpful and easy. Hzd did this, The witcher 3 as well where you just swipe for map display.

Sono421231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

So i've never had a problem with the touchpad until this wonderful 101 remaster.. god they implemented it so terribly, it does not read my finger movements accurately at all and takes like 5 swipes every single time I need to do the swipe with it, kinda puts me off from playing it honestly.

TKCMuzzer231d ago

But it makes for a great button, wether it be to bring up a map or scoreboard, its size just makes it so easy to press. I love it as an extra button and often map scoreboards to it. Sometime its the simplicity of something that makes it so effective.

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KilluaX3232d ago

Really? What do you use it for?

RazzerRedux232d ago

I don't use the touchpad but it makes for an awesome big button to push easily.

Nitrowolf2232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

not so much the touch function, but plenty of games use the left and right presses for additional shortcuts

zeuanimals232d ago

I don't look at what came before, I look at what's possible. What's the best way to translate the 100s of keys on a keyboard to a controller? You gonna put a hundred buttons on a controller? Turn it into the ugliest and first full keyboard/controller hybrid? Or put in a single TouchPad that has the possibility of remembering 100s of different gestures.

A patent came out saying Sony's working on having the DS5 remember gestures, which tells me the DS4 couldn't. The PS5 is also gonna display a TouchPad interface on your screen allowing you to draw gestures easily without having to look down. This all means Sony's not giving up on the TouchPad and I hope their first party devs show 3rd party devs what's possible.

xX-oldboy-Xx232d ago

I use it to scan through videos when making ShareFactory clips.

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sampsonon232d ago

I touch it first thing in the morning and again before i sleep :)

232d ago
morganfell232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Websites have long forgotten they are supposed to serve the demographic. Its now ego driven articles telling you what to think and like. I'm pro touchpad and so glad that it is in the PS5 and no doubt for more than B/C reasons.

morganfell232d ago (Edited 232d ago )


SharnOfTheDEAD232d ago

I'd love to see the option of a finger print scanner to make logging in faster and speed up purchases

rainslacker232d ago

I don't know if I'd say I like meaning a fondness for it. I have nothing against it though. It is what it is, and I don't consider it something that I feel I just have to accept because I'm stuck with it. It serves it's purpose when implemented, it's useful when implemented well, and can be used as extra buttons, so nothing wrong with that really. It's not really in the way of anything, and if I had any complaint, it would be that the options button, which basically replaced the start button was moved to a somewhat awkward position that can sometimes be pressed by accident because of the touchpad. Something that is still so rare, it's not something to bother criticizing.

MeteorPanda232d ago

yeah i play ff14 with a ps4 controller on pc because of the trackpad. it gives me a hybrid of mouse/controller and with the keyboard extension...i can play an mmo with no need for a m/kb. its great.

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overlordror232d ago

The touchpad is nice when developers use it properly. But just being the 'map' button is kinda of lazy.

mandf232d ago

The map button separate from the menus is awesome leaving other other buttons for other things.

KyRo232d ago

The PS5 is backwards compatible then it would need the touch pad for almost every single Sony exclusive. Not sure how it's being labeled as stuck with it. It's good when used right.

232d ago
WireMucks232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I think Day's Gone menu management should be mandatory,.. damn how great everything works in that game ,.. having dun navigating menus is a pretty damn great achievement ,.. love that game way too much as is

rainslacker232d ago (Edited 232d ago ) didn't think the RDR2 menu system that required 3 button presses for the most commonly used things, then an additional 7 button presses just to get back into the game as you made your way back through the entire menu system, with the last one being a "Hold button to exit" was the pinnacle of user interface design?

What's wrong with you?

I kid, but I went from RDR2 to Days Gone, and the difference that such a minor thing made was really a stark contrast and made me appreciate it more.

WireMucks230d ago

RDR2 is attrocious,.. to use a single item you need to press/depress more buttons than flying a chopper

Kornholic231d ago

You are getting disagrees from users who have never even played Days Gone.

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