Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – Retrospective Review

Nevada Dru from Bits & Pieces spent 10 years meaning to play Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

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darthv721095d ago

This is a really good game. It deserved far more respect than it got.

Gaming4Life19811095d ago

Yea I liked it as well and I never understood why so many people didnt like it.

jambola1095d ago

maybe it's the box art
i passed it over many times really cheap because looking at it didn't really grab me

bouzebbal1095d ago

I expected something great, but the game felt so short.. Had terrible animations, poor camera angles and poor fighting mechanics. The hoverboard was so frustrating.. A very average game

AK911095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Speaking as someone who was super into gaming at the time pf release the game got a lot of heat for being made by the same devs who did Heavenly Sword which was a PS3 exclusive back then anything on the PS3 was considered sub par and an exclusive was considered trash before it was even released.

The unfortunate thing is had this game launched a year or two later it would've gotten much better reception since the year it came out was the same year Kinect came out.

umair_s511095d ago

It's on my backlog. Need to get it. Wish they remastered it.

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Knightofelemia1095d ago

This game is a sleeper hit I enjoyed this game people are missing out on this game I'd say snag it and add it to your collection.

RamRod881095d ago

Probably my favorite title from Ninja Theory. It was a gem and didn't get enough recognition.

IanTH1095d ago

It's a great game for sure, but my fav from them is still Heavenly Sword. Really enjoyed the acting (Andy Serkis and Anna Torv), the gameplay, the mood...I'm not saying it reinvented the wheel, but it had enough great qualities and solid gameplay (and I really liked the "twing-twang" motion controlled arrow mechanic that I think others kinda hated lol) that it remains my fav of theirs.

Imalwaysright1095d ago

Heavenly Sword and Uncharted wich was released a few months after it, were the games that kickstarted the cinematic singleplayer experiences that many of us associate with Sony's games. It's a shame that Heavenly Sword never got a sequel.

RamRod881095d ago

Heavenly Sword is the only Ninja Theory title I haven't played. I did know Andy Serkis was in Enslaved, but didn't know he was Heavenly Sword so that's cool. I still have my ps3 so maybe I can find it for cheap. I think Ninja Theory should try to get the IP back from Sony since I don't see Sony ever using it again in the future.

Bronxs151095d ago

I really enjoyed this game. I have a PS4 and Xbox one. And last gen I had a ps3 and 360. And this ran better on the 360. I remember downloading the demo on both systems and then switching between inputs and comparing. Bayonetta was another game that looked and played much better on 360.

Makes you think Xbox really messes up out the gate this gen. Wonder how it would be if the one x was what they launched with. Something more powerful than PS4 and played 4K blu rays and didn’t have non of that always online and Kinect focus but was consumer friendly and with cross by, cross play, gamepass type value and backward compatibility. Just goes to show all those changes they made were the fruits of healthy competition for the consumer.

IanTH1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

I mean, you're also talking earlier in the generations. MS certainly did more right last gen than they did at the start of this gen, but last gen's issues were more Sony kneecapping themselves than MS doing things right. Sony had the harder to program for Cell and launched at a higher price. Multiplatform games had a harder time coding to the specific hardware. Not to mention the initially lower install base, price + the fact MS launched a year earlier led to Xbox becoming the defacto "lead" platform at the start. The PS3 just ended up in a position where it played second fiddle in dev focus for a while. It evened out around mid gen, and some multiplats even ran better on PS3 by the end.

Sony got out of their own way for this gen, pricing below MS with more powerful hardware, straightforward architecture, and launching right alongside Xbox. I think they are both in good positions for next gen - right mindsets, right tech, timing, pricing, features, et al - and I expect that the race will be closer than it was this gen.

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