NRDC Study a Waste of Energy

"The new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, innocuously titled "Lowering the Cost of Play" but spun by the group's PR into the more venomous "New Report: Video Games are Energy Drains," is disgraceful in method and message. The money stat here is that the country's video game consoles eat up roughly as much energy per year as the city of San Diego. Unfortunately, this claim relies on pure conjecture, and the implication is backed by otherwise shoddy pretenses."

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cain1413831d ago

"The linchpin assumption is that 50 percent of America’s video game consoles are left on when they’re not in use."

Are they moronic?

Other than Folding at Home or Downloading things (I.e. being used) no one just leaves their consoles on...

italianbreadman3831d ago

For real. Just look at any 360 owner's friends list. Nobody is on there constantly.

Dark_Overlord3830d ago

There could be a reason for that :)

SSCOOLCHEA3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

answer is ______________________nope. I only live to 100

I don't like destroying trees and wildlife . But this conserve energy thing is getting ridiculous